The Power of Failure

 Life is pure imperfection, change is inevitable and so is failure; We learn survival, only after loosing lives.
We live it as if there's a tomorrow, but deep down we question, will there be a tomorrow? 
                                                                                              - Shruti Bevara


What is failure?

Failure!!Oh it is such a chaotic word! Don't you think? It is one such huge terms which changes the course of future by happening in the present, change is not positive even! At least we tend to think it is not in the present. Failure is lack of success. Failure means, there are expectations and wishes, and the person has not met up with those said expectations and dreams. Failure is seen to be such a negatively influenced term, but truth be told it is one of the most positively influenced one. 

Failure is the state of not meeting the set objective, it is said to be the state of "inability" to meet an expectation and to perform a certain task.                          - says Google

When we talk about failure, we tend to miss out on some facts about it.

#1. Failure is temporary. It is not for Forever.
#2. Failure acts as a personal motivator, if taken;
#3. Failure is not Final. It is just the beginning.
#4. Failure makes you realign your goals, makes you rethink, redefine your goals.
#5. Failure introduces you to your stronger, better self.
#6. Failure awakens your inner beast, your desperation to beat the negativity, to own the world.


What failure does to you?

Our perspective says - Failure results in endless scolding and beatings from our parents, it results in self-loathing, self doubt and self sabotage, it results in disappointing endless number of people (which includes, immediate family, friends, peers, colleagues, some long distance relatives who doesn't even know how we look like, but are perfect enough to judge us on our ability to fail). Failure results in END OF LIFE. This is the worst of all, instead of putting a Comma (,) after a failure, we tend to put a Fullstop (.) 

Failure creates a thick layer of fear, a cold and thick fog covering the power of imagination, the power of thought and the ability to look past the fear itself. It surrounds you, wraps you like a quilt in colder days, makes you seek comfort in the fear itself, makes you think you will die once you get out of this. You feel like you are safe, protected and loved inside this cocoon, you make it your permanent residence. 
I will reveal the reality to you. That soft comfortable blanket you are seeking as residence is pure sham! It will eat you alive, your abilities to think, to imagine, to act rationally. Confiscating every ounce of power, strength and determination out of you. Makes you want to cease your existence.

Now since you know what it does to you, RUN! Save your sanity, take the wheel in your control and drive your life away. Stop sulking around it.


How to normalize failure?

Failure tends to take up the space in our minds, fogs our thinking and takes us to the dark hole. It can do all that ONLY IF, we allow it to! You see, nothing enters or leaves our body mind and soul unless we allow it to. Some of us are even unaware that we possess such power. Interesting, Isn't it?

So, how do we normalize the feeling of failure? The very feeling that takes us into the world of blind leaves us powerless? 
Let's face facts again, shall we -

#1. Being more powerful, strong than our fears.
#2. Overcoming from the self sabotage, self doubt and existential crisis.
#3. This one isn't easy, but it ain't impossible too - Control your mind and your subconscious mind.
#4. Differentiating the fact that failure is a part of life, not entire life.
#5. You are not judged based on your achievements, success or failure.
#6. Expose yourself to change, what is how you learn to right the wrong.
#7. Accept failure before preparing yourself for success.
#8. Feed your curious mind, tame it keep it busy with affirmations, motivations and manifestations.

Awaken your inner child, reconnect to the age of innocence, to your younger self, where everything was black and white, where shades of grey did not exist, take yourself down the road of peace, of serenity. 

When you feel lost, you fail, or you question your mere existence, take yourself back the time where everything was fair, where you saw no evil, to the time where you experienced no trauma, time where you never gave up, to the exact place where you decided to choose something you terribly failed in. 
To the time where you turn that failure into a path of success! 

Control things that you can and worry less about things you can't control. Coming out of the pothole won't be easy, but it is worth every thought and effort. When you fail, you see things more clear, in better light and with a lot of enthusiasm. You turn a leaf over every time you fail. No matter how many leaves it takes, never think of giving up on what you believe. 

Until next time! Keep dreaming! Keep failing! Keep succeeding! 
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  1. Awesome said...keep it up 🙂

  2. It's a question on parenting. Every parent must go through this excellent blog,

  3. Good message,
    Failure is root of success.
    ((Good message,Shruti bewara))


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