What is Attitude?

     One day we will finally learn to love ourselves; And stop apologizing for all the things that makes us, who we are

                                                                                                          -Shruti Bevara



What is Attitude?

Psychologically, Attitude is an individualistic mental and emotional entity that characterizes a person, a person's nature and behavior. In simple words, Attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about something. It is considered to be the most distinctive mental state involving beliefs, feelings, values, principles and dispositions to act in a certain manner. Since we have considered almost every formal way of defining what an attitude is, time for our little understanding -
Instead of focusing on the things that don't matter, get obsessed with who where you're going, and all the amazing sh*t you're going to accomplish;

 That's how we see things, how we should be seeing things! A person is considered different or out of the common crowd, because of the character, the thoughts, beliefs and perception he or she possesses. Being a different person in this world is a blessing and a curse in itself. An expectation of someone understanding you is always hurtful, yet it sure is a blessing because you shine brighter than people around you in every manner. But that should never stop you from being different, even if sometimes you are being called "Weird" for it. Embrace that quality in you! You live for yourself and for your loved ones, not for other people and their comments.


Attitude is not confined to the "warm blooded" behavior a teenager shows, or an adult showing pride on their existence. Attitude is something that makes you, YOU. The type of attitude you have towards your life and your people, defines what kind of  a person you are; Attitude isn't something you own that makes you look bad-ass, sassy or witty. When you have an attitude, either you have achieved a lot in your life or you have discovered yourself. Discovering yourself is a slow process but it is worth every decision or every mistake you'll ever make.

When someone asks you - Define yourself? Would you be able to tell who are you? what kind of a nature you possess, are you good or bad? Attitude isn't just nature, it is your reaction to a situation, the way you carry yourself, the way you present yourself, How you deal with a situation, How you handle your emotions, Do you let your emotions carry you or you control them. The most common misconception a person has when someone says "Attitude" the person immediately thinks it is BAD. 


Truthfully, attitude is just the way a person chooses to see the world around. For instance, the above picture can be decoded in two different ways, with two entirely different perspectives. For one person, the picture depicts happiness, the purity in the eyes and smile of that beautiful girl, while for the other one an immediate question pops into the mind saying - Why on earth is she wearing those flowers on her head? She mad? The first reaction you give out, when you see this picture, tells a lot about your nature, your attitude towards others.

Positive attitude and bad attitude is something that resides in ourselves, the way we choose to react to any situation or any person. Any and all kinds of negative emotions or negative reactions equals to bad attitude, resulting in a bad impression. Being selfish isn't a bad thing in some aspects of life, being selfish for your career is not a wrong choice, but being selfish for some one, sure is bad choice of reaction. There's still some amount of goodness and humanity left in this wicked world of ours, why not add some more!


Dancing at your own rhythm, on your own song. Flow with life, with the air, the positivity around you. You define yourself, You are on your own. you handle yourself better, because you know yourself better than anyone else. No-one has the privilege of discovering you, than yourself. Have a perspective a motto that says -
Never Whine, Never Complaint, Never try to Justify yourself

                                                                                                             - Robert Greene

There will always be negativity around you, cannot control the flow of it. But, you can control your reaction to it, why attract the negative when you can choose to attract good and positive only! You always have a choice, Why not make the right one? Surround yourself with the positive vibes, and Positive Only. If you do not have a positive environment, Create one! Initiate it! Let it start from you and pass it on, Be a blessing in the world full of curses! You have nothing to loose, instead you will find your true self. Being kind or showing compassion, being a person with humanity is not a weakness or a negative aspect, it is a sign of strength, depicts a strong mind, a beautiful heart and a pure soul

Life is just the way you see it, why not see the beauty and hold on to it. And focus on discovering yourselves, life's an adventure they say, dedicating your time and your energy in finding yourself is one way of living such adventure!

So Find Yourselves, share it in the comment section, Until then, Stay positive and Stay true to yourself.

Adios! Cheers to Life and to us!


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