How does Failure help you Succeed?

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall"
                                                                                                  - Ralph Waldo Emerson


The path of Success, is rooted from the countless Failures, endless Efforts and an Attitude that doesn't Give Up! One of the best memories of being a child, is learning how to ride a bicycle, being a kid, riding a bicycle was this huge achievement, there was this rush of adrenaline, mixed with fear and excitement. Fear of what if I fall? and Excitement of learning how to ride it.

A part of my life - 

I remember the first time I was going to ride my bike, my father being the busy old man he is, was holding my bike from behind while I tried to paddle, he was "multi-tasking" that time, talking to his colleague on the cordless phone, he somehow, unknowingly took off his hand off the bike, and I lost balance, slipping right into a stack of thorny branches! God that hurt a lot! I took my bike and went inside crying like hell, with scratches all over my body, Funny part was, Papa didn't realize he left me there, he was asking my mother "Where is she?" 
I swore to myself that evening, I would never ever! ride a bicycle again. 
But the kind of stubborn and sassy kid I was, I never stopped trying, learning achieving the "Impossible". 
I won over my fears, I kept falling off, bruises and wounds, couldn't make me take a step back, I learned my way, the bicycle, car and can say from life too! I never let my fears lead me. 
I believe in my strengths and my potential, followed by the willingness.

What if, we consider the life as a bicycle and learning to ride it as the dream we want to achieve. Now, being kids riding was our personal Everest! to climb on.
Falling off every time, but getting up with the only hope and courage that "I can do it!" if I put my mind to it.
Every obstacle, every challenging situation and every Failure! should be considered or seen, with a learning perspective, like you are learning to ride a bicycle, you fall off, once, twice maybe several other times, but with Practice and time, you get a command over it! You balance it, instead of falling off of it. Same is life, you fail over and over again, but one day, you make a balance of life too.

Why is Failure necessary?

Failure is a necessary part in the journey of success because that's how a person learns to dream about something knows it's the exact one to chase until he/she achieves it.
A person tends to learn about his/her mistakes when he/she fails. The smallest failures teaches the biggest lessons of life. There's meaning in every detail of life, it takes a mature person to recognize it and apply the same. 
  • Acts as an endless stream of Motivation
  • Failure is the best teacher, for self-development.
  • Witnessing a fail, or a failure story is a part of learning process.
  • Teaches you Acceptance.

How to handle Failure??

  • First of all, Love yourself!
  • No shame in being a failure, because its a sign that you are learning, taking a step ahead to success.
  • Embrace yourself, everything that makes you, YOU.
  • Accept yourself, with your flaws and your strengths.
  • Develop a Practical and Logical mindset.
  • Be accountable for your successes and failures as well.
  • Make up your mind, to face the failure and move forward.
  • Analyse your mistakes, that caused such failure, take steps to prevent such situation for the next time.
  • Create a plan, a strategy a new change! a new move, for success.

From Failure to Success -

The journey from being called a "Failure" to becoming the SUCCESS you wish to see yourself to be! It ain't an easy one! It will take every ounce of you to reach the sky;
What being successful actually mean is reaching your Epitome. Your Limit. When you challenge yourself, be your own competition, and compare yourself with no one, you might never know what battles they are fighting, can be easy like a cake-walk, or tougher than what you are facing, be grateful for everything you still have with you, rather than whining over something you don't have.

If life gave you a tough time, it is only to discover the amount of Potential, Determination, Willingness and Strength you have to overcome every challenge, every situation given to you.
"You fall down Seven, You get up Eight"- an old saying, defines every successful person ever. 
Giving up! is NOT an option, think you have no choice but to achieve it, whatever you are dreaming, because Failure is the bridge you create to reach the other end, the Success! It'll take everything from you but, trust me the end result is worth every pain every struggle you faced and went through.

So, Hustle! Use the time you have right now, this pandemic is a huge opportunity to all the students out there, Plan your day, Work through it! Do not stop, Do not give up!
Best of Luck to every struggling person out there. Share your stories in the comment section and Follow us for more blogs. Stay True and Stay Positive! Be You!


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