What is a Good Definiton of Success?

"I have learned that SUCCESS is to be measured not so much by the position one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he had to face to overcome, while trying to succeed" 
                                                                                                                 -Booker T. Washington


Success! Isn't it everything we want from life? To be successful in every field, every aspect of life. Just as every device or a machine has an instruction manual, everyone has got their own Mantras, Rules, and Beliefs different names, but the task of each one is the same, to help a certain person, to reach the destination of success. 

Every successful person is once a dreamer, a believer that he/she can pave the way of his/her own life, who can measure and set to a voyage to success, with a few baggage like Determination, Discipline, and a lot of Hard-work to achieve the said goal.
Dreamer, who wants to reach the Sky Limits, has to have no room for Self Doubt, and a Mind strong enough to stand back up every time life pushes him/her down, Come back with double energy and a stronger will, that whatever it takes, "I'm all set to give it, just to see myself reach the sky!"


What is Success?

The Achievement of the dream, desire or an ambition set in life; A result of Hard work, Dedication, a bit of Sacrifices, Time and Efforts (a lot of it!) and Consistency with the same amount of Determination to achieve the said goal.
The term success is distinctive, different for everyone the ways to find success, routes chosen to walk on are different yet the destination is always the same. 
Even the smallest of achievements counts to be a success, as it cannot be measured by the amount of success one has.  

Journey of Success!

We all have either read, heard or even witnessed the journey of a person to success, some might even share their success stories, but what most of us do not know is the Struggle behind such success, the sacrifices made, compromises and adjustments, growing past the failures. 

How does the mind works? The perception of a person who wants to taste the drink of success! How rocky the path was? How were the failures handled? How could anyone be consistent? A lot of questions arises in the mind when we see a successful person or a success story.
Well then, let's start digging for some answers, shall we?

Aspects/Traits of a Successful person -

  • Every successful person has his/her own beliefs, might differ from person to person but the most common trait is the Never Giving Up! Attitude, that makes a person to keep going until he/she achieves it.
  • A firm believer in Listening more than Speaking i.e. a person would only use words when necessary. Follows the quote "Actions speak louder than words".
  • Utilization of the time, a successful person makes calculated plan for the whole day and works throughout the day.
  • The most common quality of a successful person is, he/she is Creative and an Out of the Box thinker, the perspective and vision differs from the common crowd.
  • A successful person tends to read a lot, whether it is books or reading other people, they are Observant by nature.
  • Willingness to learn and to gain knowledge is a never-ending part of their lives, for them learning has no age.
  • Patience is one of the key factors, they possess to witness their dream come true, as they work for it day and night.
  • Drive for the life they want to lead, every person who is a Dreamer, who wants to become an Achiever or become a Success their mind, the vision in it is very clear.

To all the young dreamers, who perceives the world distinctively, who believes in conquering the whole world - You've got this! Believe in yourself and Go for it! 
There is no age for a new beginning, for seeking and gaining knowledge, the spirit should always be young! to explore every possible way to find the success and to grow, to be a better person, a better version of what a person is right now.
Dream it! Work for it! Achieve it!
A very Good Luck! to all the dreamers, no matter young or adults, If you dream it, you can achieve it, let no one tell you otherwise.
Stay True, Stay positive and most importantly Stay YOU!


  1. Nicely scribed but use of word 'baggage' ____ 😢😢

  2. Nicely explained ............Good job Shruthi

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