Positive Vs Negative : Define Yourself on your terms!

 " Maybe it's not always about trying to fix something broken, Maybe it's about starting over And creating something better"

                                                                                                          - Shruti Bevara


Positivity is one such term and practice of being positive or being optimistic that differs from an individual to another depending on the perspective an individual has. A human mind is capable of many things, but one of the never-ending process a mind does is Thinking. More accurately known as Over-Thinking, something we all do, don't we?
We tend to drown yourselves into the pool of negativity, the one thing that is extremely toxic for you is to willingly dive into the pool or allowing yourself to feel all the negative emotions and even spread it around.  
Being kind in this world is something that is not recommended. They say "It's a toxic world" if you want to survive, you have to bend to the rules, become one of the crowd, fit yourself in loose yourself, to be "accepted" by those who do not make a part in your life. 


We often forget that it is not always about "trying to fit in" but Always meant to stand out! We can call ourselves lucky when we have a handful of people whom we can trust ourselves with, being with them you feel secure and positive. So ask yourselves once, whom are you surrounded with? People with a similar intellect, people with a same perspective or same mindset, people who believe in dreaming and achieving. Being positive isn't a "One Flip" process it takes a lot of time and a lot of patience, smallest steps towards change. Positivity starts from the mere thought of being positive. Those simplest terms and things when added to our lives, works wonders on us. Change your perspective, change the way you look at everything and change the people you surround yourself with. Toxic friendships and relationships are enough to drown you into the pool of negativity and regression with an endless amount of pain and hurt. Causing all kinds of self-doubt, insecurities leading you to loose the confidence and question your existence.


When you are feeling low, doubting yourself, Think and ask your soul - Do I or someone else gets to define me? Am I living my life or someone else's? 
Anyone can be giving out advises on how to live life what you should or shouldn't do, The society stigmas. Before taking in all those ideas and advises, Figure yourself out, what kind of a person you are.

QUESTION YOURSELF - If you are meant to fit in the crowd or stand out?

Every one of us gets stuck once in a while, at that point, that moment you get to make a choice, think wisely of What To Do about it. Take it as a lesson and work on your weaknesses or sulk in it, whine about how miserable your life is. Surround yourself with people who -
  • Talk about Ideas and Ideologies.
  • Who has Vision and Goals planned in life.
  • Avoid negative people, vibes and places.
  • Who believe in actions and not just merely words.
  • Intellectuals and Distinctive individuals.
  • Who does not settle for any less than what they deserve.
  • Who believe in their strengths and not let their fears control them. 
  • Tip : If you don't find someone like the above described, work with yourself! Be the reason for your success. Fulfill that promise you made to yourself, to give yourself a life you deserve.
Be your own Savior! Why would you need anyone, when you are the best of what you got. If you failed yourself, Forgive and Try again and again and all over again until you get through. 
Everything you need is right with you, First Believe! that you can do it. Picture it. 
Picture yourself being what you want to become. Have some positive affirmations keep telling yourself that you are right where you want to be, work harder and you will be where you dream of being. 

Everything starts with you and ends with you. Starts with your perspective and your mindset, if you are being negative you will find yourself standing nowhere. Make a Wise Choice.
Life's easy, until we complicate it.


  1. You Are Right Mam, Negativity Always Stops Our Growth...
    Thanks For Sharing ๐Ÿ˜‡

  2. Loved it ❤️!
    But is it always the same; I mean to have a negative mindset is not a problem I think. You can come over some of your situations.
    I like your thought of Standing out of the crowd, Make your own Identity, be Optimistic, Be Yourself! All this brings positivity in you.
    The Tip I called it " The Tip Of Success".

    Any comments feel free!

    1. It depends on an individual, elimination of negativity is not entirely possible yet being optimistic is necessity.
      Thank you for your views
      Appreciate it

  3. Awesome article. Keep it up. 2nd para needs to be fine tuned.

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