How to build Confidence?

When doubting yourself, Giving it a second thought, Where your heart says "You'll succeed"
Make your mind say : I have to. I left myself no other choice; 
                                                                                                     - Shruti Bevara


What is Confidence? 

Certainty is an unattainable state, but Confidence or certainty about self is a power everyone should possess, counting as a strength, a belief that one has the ability to meet the life's challenge and to succeed. Confidence demands a realistic perspective and approach. A state of being clear headed, trusting self before anyone else and most importantly Believing in self no matter what the world say, if you believe in yourself, you can do it!
Confidence has 2 dead ends sticking to either side of it proves to be as dangerous as it can be to destroy a person mentally. 

 Dead Ends :

  • Over-Confidence
  • Low Self Esteem (Commonly known as lack of confidence).

What Confidence does to you?

Having confidence does not mean being Perfect in every mortal sense, with perfect dress, degrees or perfect accent. NO! Confidence means Acceptance. Accepting yourself, in your own skin, in your own body and in your own mind. Leaving no space for Self-Doubt. To have confidence in you, you need to accept the Flaws in you, acknowledge them and Embrace them as they are a part of you. Ofcourse your flaws does not define you, but they are the bridge where you walk on, to reach the better you. Falling in love with someone, being someone else's is secondary, what comes first is, YOU! You own yourself and your life, nothing/no-one is more important than you. What actually matters is What you think about yourself? What is it that you want to change about yourself? How would you face your fears? 
Go on, ask yourself these questions, and find yourself instead of the answers!


How to gain Confidence??

The most common question that arises in young minds, "Am I Confident enough?" If not, "How am I supposed to gain my confidence?" So, let's go down that path together, to figure out how to gain the confidence and use it as one of the strengths in you. Here we go -
  • Acceptance : One of the tough tasks being you, is accepting yourself! And by accepting means, accepting the whole you, every inch of your body and mind, leaving no trace for self-doubt.
  • Visualization : Visualize yourself from where you are and where you want to be in a few years.
  • Fears : Overcome your fears, every one of them, train yourself to face it and not fear from it, tell yourself "You're stronger than your fears".
  • Affirmations : Affirm yourself everyday, stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself  "This is my day, I am going to make the best out of it".
  • Practice Meditation : Practice Mindfullness every morning, to clear your head from all the negativity and let the mind have a clear steer ahead for the day.
  • Self-Care : Eliminate the self-doubt and low self-esteems, take more care of yourself, engage yourself in self-care programs take care of your body pamper it, fill your mind with positive affirmations and positive vibes only!

Having low Self-Esteem? -

One question to all those who doubt themselves - Why would you think LOW of yourself? You are just as Strong and Beautiful as everyone else around you is! Comparing yourself with the people around you is unfair, because no-one can match to your energy levels or the strengths you possess. Your journey and destination are different from everyone else. Self-doubt or low self esteem levels can be the reasons you loose yourself to the world's wickedness. Criticizing yourself for the slightest mistakes you made or because you are afraid of being judged, taking the wrong steps, making the wrong choices, trying to fit in while you are meant to stand out that's how you loose yourself, the essence of YOU!


The world is a wicked place, and the people in it will judge you for every reason they find, spare yourself from all the toxicity, LOVE YOURSELF instead, because that's exactly what you should be doing, loving yourself unconditionally, Embracing the flaws, the qualities you possess and boosting yourself up, that no matter how hard the situations get, you will not loose yourself instead you will overcome every challenge life throws at you. There's enough people around you to pull you down, but almost none to lift you up, Why not be your own Uplifter? Why not be your own inspiration, your own supporter and your own lover? 
Standing for yourself is mark of an Independent person, a person who need no-one to boost up the confidence, a person who has zero space for self doubt or negativity and a person who -
"Let's his/her storms rage and his/her sun shine"

Time to be your own hero! Time to Embrace every quality, every Flaw in you.
To hold your ground, your roots, and grow higher, until you touch the sky!
Love yourself, accept yourself and live an adventure called Life!
Stay True; Stay Positive; 


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