How to overcome your fears?

 Every scar tells a story, Every smile hides one; You don't need a new dawn, for a new hope, for as you may realize.. You are the new Hope! You are the change, embracing the scars; Putting everything at stake, just to see yourself grow;

                                                                                                                    - Shruti Bevara


Have you ever felt you are on the verge of Life and "After Life"? The rush of sudden chill down your spine, unexpected, yet very effective on our minds, causing the loss of control on ourselves, neither you can stop or manage the flow of your thoughts. The whole explanation in one term is Fear;
Fear! One of the most powerful and vital emotion triggered by the perception of danger which can be real or it can be an imagination of the mind. Fear is incredibly complex matter. Some fears can be out of bad experiences, traumas while some are more physical such as fear of heights or accidents, the mere thought of which makes you go dizzy and nauseous. 
Fear from traumas and bad experiences they trigger the worst side in a person, enhancing the worst imagination or nightmare into a reality.  


The path of fear is a dark, vicious as James F Byrnes said -
Of all the liars in the world, Sometimes the worst are our own fears.

 Once you start walking towards the darkest road of fear you start to loose every bit of yourself to it. Every step you take ahead makes you loose every bit of your heart, darkening it to its core. A person tends to bend down to his or her fears letting the fear to take control over the course of life. Bending to the circumstances which are caused by your fears or which are led by your fears is one way of loosing your identity, of Surrendering to the situations placed before you. With time you start to give up on the willingness to fight back. Traumas are hard to accept, let alone forget. But it surely does not mean you have to be consumed by the darkness and let go of yourself in the pain and remorse. Experiencing a traumatic situation, processing it and getting past it it is a long procedure, a stressful one. But it does not have to be so hard as we make it. I know it sounds easy and good when in words but not so easy in action, Yet has anything been impossible? When tried to achieve it?


Have you ever found yourself sitting in the dark staring at something that seems to be the wall? Wall isn't the point here though you sitting in the dark and thinking to yourself is. Have you ever been so afraid to something that you felt helpless? You felt like there is literally nothing that could've been done to prevent something evil from happening? Thoughts like these, filled with the emotions such as fear, helplessness, vulnerability or remorse makes you go NUMB to everything around you.
One thing is a fact for sure, What you allow yourself to feel, is the same that you feel. 
You allow yourself to feel the pain, to feel helpless, the loss of someone you love, to be vulnerable, to loose your control over your life because you are afraid to get past it.


They say "Perfect love casts out all fears." But is there any "perfect" love? I see no perfect love than a mother has on her child, secondly the love you have for yourself! That is exactly what a "perfect love" is called.

Perfect Love is when you accept yourself with every bit of vulnerability and remorse and yet you do not allow it to overpower the essence that makes you, You. Every person has a weak point or a state of weakness where he or she finds it extremely hard to get over a phase. Being in a vulnerable state we tend to "accept" the defeat, giving in before even facing it. Consumed by the fear, by the failure and the disappointment, one never lets out the full potential or capability he or she has! Fear has a strong scent to it, something that cannot be easily at least not by running away from it. Running away only makes it worse! Facing your fear might help you to overcome it.

Your fears does not characterize you or categorize you. What does characterizes you is How you face your fears? Your strengths defines you not your fears or weaknesses! For someone who knows the difference would actually know how to handle in sight (eye to eye) with the fear.

Fear is one of those emotions where you run away from it. Once you start running, you will be running for your entire life, it will haunt you, pick at you when you are at your worst phase! Until you stop one day and you say "Enough! I am not going to run anymore" and  you decide to FACE it. When you choose to overcome your fears, here's what you can do -

  • Identity your fears : Your fears are a part of you. A dark part, which can be turned to light when you find why it was dark (a fear) in the first place. Identify the causes of your fear, what makes you feel the chills down your spine. Pushes you into a dark hole of endless memories whom you have no control over.
  • Confront your fears : Once you know your fears, the way they haunt you, the patterns of behavior and the way you react or give in to your fears. You try to stare back at it, in the eye and say "You cannot haunt me no more". Confrontation or the thought of confrontation is mere progress because you are not bending to your fears but you are owning and standing up to it.
  • Accept your fears : Mere denial from your side will only make you feel worse, when you accept your fears, think that you are afraid of a certain thing or a situation , you tend to think it is "no big deal" to be afraid of something.
  • Action towards your fears : When you choose to face your fears instead of running away you take the first step towards overcoming it; Whatever it is that you are afraid of, it is because you run away from it, run towards it and it will never haunt you again!

Imagine a new dawn, a new beautiful morning where you feel powerful, you feel accomplished because you just have defeated the "Fear" that has tortured you mentally for years! All that stress, anxiety loss of confidence, that voice in your head, which always said NO you are not perfect, you are a coward! It vanished; POOF! Into thin air! Picture it! For once at least, Believe; You are worthy of everything that you are today! Visualize it. Work on it. Be consistent with it. Prove that you can imagine things and you have the power to turn it into a Reality! Fear is nothing but states of mind, which is subject to control and direction.
Powerful and mighty is the human mind! It builds or it destroys.

                                                              - Think and grow rich, by Napoleon Hill

So when you choose to build up, you build up an entire empire for yourself and grow to the ultimate heights of success. Tame your fears to let you grow, to let you bloom into a person you have the potential to become. We all have fears, everyone is afraid of something, but the actual question is, up to what extent?  How much do you "allow" yourself to dive into the pool of fears?

Overcome them, because you can! And because you should. Never bend down to it, never let it cloud your mind and your judgement. You are meant for greater things, just believe that you are.

Until next time; Stay true to yourself, Stay positive!
Be safe and Be happy🖤


  1. Beautifully knitted 👌👌

    FEAR is the tool of a man-made devil.

    Napoleon Hill, Outwitting the Devil:

  2. Nicely explained and beautiful part is the steps suggested to overcome with fear..


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