What is Perfection?

 Work through your faults, make some mistakes! Learn from them.. Set targets for everything you want to achieve! Tell yourself - "Your're worth everything you desire and work for". 

It's always gonna be one life; One life, to learn and grow, to live up to your satisfaction.

                                                                                                          - Shruti Bevara


What is Perfection?

Haven't we all heard the term "perfection" for like thousand times in our lives? Ever given a thought where did it come from? And why does everything have to be "Perfect"? Why can't we have our versions of perfection?
Perfection generally is a state of being perfect; with zero amount of flaws or mistakes, a hundred percent pure excellence. Feels like a world of dreams right? (Felt the same for me when I was writing!).
When it comes to real world; Hell! It is pure chaos and a hundred percent flaws and imperfections.
Perfection is a state of mind. The whole concept of perfectionism revolves around the perception of a person. One can be all about being precise and disciplined and according to him, it is next to being perfect; Yet the same wouldn't be "approved" by another individual he/she might do it differently.

Perfection is just a state of mind. Something that varies from individual to individual. It speaks about a sense of satisfaction.
 One way of defining self. 


So what exactly is perfection?

Since we dealt with how the whole world might perceive the art of perfection, we shall see our versions of the same.
As kids we were taught manners and mannerism, we were taught to see in a certain way, behave in a certain way, and carry ourselves in a certain manner along with the education of course. Yet the most important part of growing into this "adult" stage is, Self Expression;
Expression of emotion is the most healthiest way of maintaining your mental state. Being the individuals we are, we were not taught to take care of our mental state just as we are taught to maintain our physical health.
We neglect it until, it becomes the cause of utmost distress and breakdown. 


"How we characterize ourselves, How we carry and present ourselves, and how we choose to define ourselves is perfection". 
A form of self expression; Could be through art, music, words, poetry anything and everything! 
Some people define themselves through tattoos, some through scars, some through their choices of music and some choose simple words. 
We as a society fail to hear those who scream for help! Who scream to be heard, who wants someone to rely on. The rates of youth suicides is hiking, could be various reasons, but one of them is because they were not attended to. Because it was "taboo" to talk about certain things, because we as parents or siblings did not create a "safer environment" for them to share the issues that bothered, that ate them alive, that hollowed them inside out.

Let's not hit the dark side, shall we? Back to being a perfectionist. One thing we all should remember and affirm is, "We are responsible for our own lives and our own actions, only". So whatever it is that you choose or decide, express; Let the world or the people who care, know what you have been through, your journey from nothing to defining your own worth; 
It is not easy, nor it ever will be! But the best part of self-expression is self-exploration and the fact that You know yourself inside out.
I challenge you! Do ask yourself, what is it that you know about yourself? 
What upsets you, or pushes you through hard time? What causes you anxiety or an emotional breakdown? When did you hit that rock-bottom? Instead of running away from it, I dare you to Face them! Accept them. Work on your emotional strength. Your endurance power. Your mental health.


As Herman Munster said -
"It doesn't matter what you look like, you could be tall or short, fat or thin, ugly or handsome, you can be black or yellow or white.. It doesn't matter! What does matter is the size of your heart and the strength of your character."

There will be days, years even (in my case) where you will feel, you're a lost cause. Like you have no purpose, no destination, no place to call home, nowhere to be; Where you will feel like you are lost in the darkest forest running away from the past, trying to find a way out, trying to find a hope.
What will save you from dread is YOU. Your faith and your never ending trials will get you out of it.
Your belief, in yourself and a hope that you will witness better days ahead.

Choose yourself above all. You as an individual has a duty towards yourself, to keep yourself Alive; Alive as in breathing and thriving, not merely existing alive. It is important to restore and maintain the mental balance as you maintain your physical self. It is not embarrassing to have issues, not talking about it or not getting help is a major failure. That would be like you are digging your own grave! 

Be your own savior not the cause of your own destruction. Our lives are in our hands, in our control. Be wise with it. Create Wonders, magical wonders, Grow, Thrive, Learn or maybe teach! Be kind, to yourself to the world. This world needs you, even if you don't feel like you belong here.
One day you'll realize your worth, that the world loves you back the same way you do.

Until next time! Stay True! Stay Positive! Stay You! 
Stay Healthy Fam!


  1. Nice article ...... Compelling to rethink over n over again ... What is right and how it could be right in other's perspective.

  2. Awesome message! Nicely written.. Keep going!

  3. This was so helpful for me personally and also at my work place. I got an overview of how should I be taking things. And at the end it all depends on one's character.
    Thanks a lot for this.
    Hope you'll get a perfect recognition that you deserve.
    You are really great and perfect in choosing the articles that helps in the current world.


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