How do you handle changes in life?

 Everyday the clock resets. Your wins don't matter. Your failures don't matter. Don't stress on what "was" fight for what could be.

                                                                                              - Sean Higgins


What is change??

They say Change is "inevitable" something you can't fight through and out. The only choice you will ever have with it is to accept the change, instead of trying to fight it back! Change involves establishing new patterns and breaking the old ones. It is easy to attach oneself to comfort, which carries a sense of security and familiarity of the position you are in. Change is growth. Without change there can be no strengthening of concepts, no greater awareness, no evolution. Change is a necessary part of human experience. To avoid change is to avoid life. The entire concept of evolution is based on "Change". From the part of technological advancements to emotional growth (changes) in an individual everything lies in this single term called Change.

Why is there a need of change?

The whole concept of evolution/transformation from the stone age to the modern age is based on Change, Growth. Change is that "need" which transforms you, shapes you, polishes you into becoming the being you are. Change is measured with the amount of growth one makes, change is what happens when we shift from one phase of life to another or life, in general. Life is a series of changes. of growth or of wither as well. But change does not always mean a person is growing reaching heights it also depicts failures, wither and decline in the spiritual growth of a person.
Change is the "Constant" in life! We enter(birth), we live, we leave(death). We promise the world to our loved ones, the stars, we promise a forever, filled with unconditional love and care which is as beautiful as the words say. But as promising as it sounds, there's a hidden irony behind; that says "You promise a forever in the world where life itself is temporary."
We may be all about love and goodness, serenity and peace but we had to go through a phase called Change to get to a stage where we preach love and peace.


What you see is the moon at it's best, but have you ever wondered what it took to become "full" for even a day? That it had to go through phases of loss, realization and recovery to shine bright all over again. We were always taught to Accept the change, no matter how hard it could be. Change is a necessity, we may not know it yet but it sure is necessary! When it comes to change the hardest part will be to Accept it fully and embrace it as if it is a part of you. The simplest example would be Failing. Failing in education or in love! We tend to equalize it to failing in life, which is not the truth though but we like to remember and feel it that way. Life is a mix of phases, School, College, Career, Job, finding someone you love, the wedding, growing a family, a child (symbol of the love) growing old, becoming grandparents, showering unconditional love and wisdom; Everything is a part of life, a phase of life which is meant to be experienced and lived! in the right time. Every phase is a beginning and end at the same time. Every phase brings a gift, a chance, to live fully to change and to be a better self.

The Rock-Bottom and Self Loathing


There are days, times where you feel like you're fading away that your existence matters no more; The changes happening, turning everything upside down, hitting the rock bottom, where life itself seems a meaningless existence; You're just breathing, living, existing with no purpose! No idea what to do because everything seems blur, you see people running in a marathon reaching to their goal, while you are stuck, facing the existential crisis. If you give yourself a moment, to realize; Everything is in your head! It is in your mind and unknowingly you're fueling your mind with all these negative thoughts. Every person is different, their journey, hardships, struggles, destination, everything is different than what you are facing; So comparing yourself with someone is entirely wrong!
When I say it is all in your head, I mean the same; You think and feel what you WANT to think and feel. Why fuel the mind with negative? Why can't it be something positive? Appreciative?
Think! Take a moment and think for yourself what have you been feeding your mind.

How you should handle change?


Think good and good follows. Think evil and evil follows. You are what you think all day long.
Why invest your time thinking the evil, when you can think good and feel good about yourself? Your mind is not evil, no force of nature is; It all depends how you use your powers, your choices. Use your mind to bless, heal and inspire people around you. 
Overcome every fear of yours, Affirm "I am a strong person, filled with optimism, led by no fears but by my strengths." 
Don't let others do your thinking for you. Choose your own thoughts and make your own decisions, make those necessary mistakes, learn from them have no regrets for whatever happened it happened for a reason.

You are the captain of your soul and master of your fate. Remember you have the capacity to choose.
Choose life! Choose love! Choose optimism! Choose happiness!
Change is either going to make you or to break you; Break you to rebuild a better version. Change is not going to be easy, it ain't no cake walk. It brings you out of your comfort zone, it challenges you, breaks you down, mentally, emotionally. Pushes you to your lowest, so that you can kick back to the surface with a bang! 
Change is hard at first, it makes you do impossible things, with some time energy and efforts, with some consistency of course, you can make that "change" yours! Every hardship is a stone, collect them, build a castle! You deserve it.

Believe in what you want, what you can be, and you will be! 
Do not be afraid of change, ask yourself instead, How can I win over it? You will know how.
The world is yours, go claim it! 
Be happy because you are YOU, no one can pull this off better than you do.

Until next time! Stay Strong! Stay Positive! Stay True!


  1. Why invest your time thinking the evil ..... PUNCH LINE,πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  2. Think good and good follows. Think evil and evil follows. Super lines. Loved it.

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