From Self-Doubt to Success;

 Life puts us at an end, To begin the journey, To choose, a path;
There's a path filled with sorrow, a life of solitude, regretful, grieving.
A choice man makes.. And a path, no-one sees, but everyone seeks for,
 leading to a peaceful place, where no man ever grieves, 
No soul ever lost, undefined! 
A place where the heart meets the Soul;

                                                                                                                 - Shruti Bevara

Self Doubt

Self Doubt?

Admit it! We all have been there, done that. Self Doubt has always been a part of our personalities, no matter what religion we belong to, this "trait" is commonly found in every on of us. Agree? Questioning ourselves at every stage of life, asking ourselves Whether we are a good enough part? A good person? A good parent, child or sibling? A good spouse? 
The worst I have asked myself and heard others too is - Am I worthy? Am I enough? Am I beautiful? Do I deserve the Success and Love the world has to offer me?
The answer is Hell Yes!! A thousand times YES. It takes a lifetime to realize whatever life throws at us, be it the good or the worst, we deserve it all.
Loosing is good, only when we loose that extra weight of self doubt, the extra burden, stress and over-thinking, not our abilities, not our confidence and not ourselves!
Fear of loosing something, is enough to loose 'it' halfway. There's a saying -
"Well begun is half done"
(can be applied for both good and bad).

By definition Self-Doubt goes - Lack of faith in oneself, lack of confidence, in their abilities, in themselves; Fear of not being enough or not being perfect in something. Fear of judgement and criticism from the unknown world.

self doubt

From self-doubt to success is a complete journey, which takes literally forever, but it is worth every struggle, every breakdown and every failure! That is how we discover our strength, our weak moments tell us our depths, they teach us courage and bravery, that there's always a beautiful rainbow after such a stormy night. Let me tell you something about this journey, it is distinctive, at individual level, it's a fight between you and yourself; Between the broken, dead you and the willing and stronger you. They say, the worst battle is with the closest ones, no-one is more close than you with yourself. No-one knows you better than you. You possess the power to either break or make yourself. To construct or to destruct your life. Someone wise once said -
"Everything is in your hands, there's nothing called 'Impossible' you just have to realize it is in your Hands."

Self Doubt is the path that leads to Self Destruction. Leads you to the day you fear to face. Brings out your worst fears to life. Unknowingly you pour life to your fears and your self doubts, believing for it to be true, imagining for it to be real and happening. It is like you are manifesting it. Manifesting the bad energy, the doubts and fears. Whenever you fear of something just try to remember nothing is out of your control. Everything is right in your hands.

Success is also distinctive, it cannot be defined in standard terms, for some people it is numbered, for some it is intellectual and for some it is spiritual. Success is personal and different. Achievement is success. Working ourselves up to reach a stage of self love and appreciation, to be efficient to have control over oneself, to control the mind and body, that is success! You don't have to have 6-8 or 9 figures in your account to achieve the stage of Control! You don't have to be rich (in monetary terms), you have to be rich in terms of humanity, kindness and generosity.
"Be a giver, before becoming a receiver".
 Fail before you succeed, try before you give up, Love before you Loose (your heart). Stand again when you fall, it doesn't matter how many times you loose, it doesn't matter what someone perceives of you, it doesn't matter if someone is ahead of you! what SHOULD matter is, if you are putting enough effort, if you are willing to give what it takes, if you are sacrificing, giving yourself to the task, using your fullest potential to achieve!! What matters is have you tasted the SUCCESS!! 

Self Doubt


  • Affirmations : Affirm, "I'm strong, confident and beautiful inside out." Not only affirm but let it run through you, your blood and veins. Let nothing change this thought, let no-one make you believe in, otherwise. Start believing in yourself blindly! Period.
  • Belief : Belief turns the tables around, flips the world upside down! It has the power to either make you or break you, Only you can give it such power, so when you choose to give it power, know you are giving it to make you, make you into this best person, make you fearless, bold and beautiful person with a hint of hint of humanity and dash of kindness.
  • Spread and reflect Positivity : If you want a change, become one! the world maybe infected with negativity, inject it with your kindness and generosity, make it a better home! You have the power to be a better one, why not be?
    • Be Rebellious : No matter what people advise you of, make sure you have a Voice of your own! Do what feels right to you, don't nod to everything everyone says, pause! think! enact! Make sure you don;t do something stupid or ridiculous, apart from that you are good to go.
    • Shower Unconditional Love : No matter what people perceive you of, remember you are worth every compliment, every admiration and every bit of love that you receive. You are beautiful soul, despite the social norms that people create and judge around. 
    • Carry that Confidence : Bring out the best in you, find your confidence, face yourself, your worst enemy is YOU.Face your enemy in the mirror, everyday, every second of the day. Remind yourself that you are a strong believer of yourself that you can always Chin Up! and Walk out of a room with a sense of achievement. That you've got this!
    You are a born Fighter! So be One! Fight your way up to the top, awaken that spirit of a fearless bold and brave lion(ness). Carry it around with you wherever you go. The world should spread itself like a damn carpet! Make yourself worthy of such Honor!
    As always, Stay True! Stay Positive! Stay You!


    1. Daebakkkk!!!! So much passion in your writings! Absolute bliss !!! Awesome work...keep reaching heights!

    2. Wonderful expressions jotted on to white canvas of life

    3. Wonderful. Containt, Suggestions are awasome.. keep writing .

    4. Nice content.. love to read what you feel. Keep Going 😊

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