Each day passing by, Shall remind you the faults and flaws you have! Shall make you conscious from making the same mistake again. Learning from your faults and starting to love your flaws; That's what life is all about.                  

                                                                                                - Shruti Bevara


Let's take a step further, and talk about insecurities. We all know we have insecurities in our own ways. How often do we talk about them? Or how often do we face them? Instead of running away?

What is Insecurity??

Insecurity. The word itself has a negative sound to it. The mind is a controller, until you take over it. If you think you are not ENOUGH you will not feel you are enough. Your flaws and your faults are yours when you think or feel it is your FLAWS, consider them a way of learning and you will find it easy to accept and embrace them. Insecurity has another name called Self Doubt. Where you question your beliefs, your values, yourself and maybe your existence! You are doubting yourself, your self-worth and you are unknowingly becoming your own enemy. Insecurity arises when you believe in Perfection. That perfection is achievable; So when you are not "Perfect" in certain ways for certain people, you start to build up a strong belief that you are imperfect, that you lack certain qualities. The factor of confidence, happiness and contentedness vanishes (one snap of finger) poof! Into thin air.


Emotions are such strong elements in us, they can make us or break us. Something not everyone is comfortable talking about, yet these are so damn powerful, they can burn a soul from the inside or make you unbreakable to any storm. Emotions are like your inner animals, fierce, bold and dangerous if not tamed or controlled, it will take you by a tsunami where survival is questionable. Before you begin taming your emotions, Do you know your emotions?? Often we loose control over ourselves not knowing how to handle our breakdowns. Not knowing we are the biggest strengths in our lives! Sure, it is not easy as it sounds, but imagine the amount of control you would possess over you. No one can hurt you, let alone break you. You would be master of your fate and the captain of your soul, period.

No amount of insults or lacking "qualities" or insecurities would affect you, because you know yourself  and you sure as hell know your worth, that you Deserve what you get. Be it pain, difficulties, breakdowns, hitting rock bottoms, happiness or even insecurities about yourself, your body, what ever it is; Own it. Embrace it. Love it. Live it. PERIOD!


Insecurities are like dense, dark forests, you get lost in the darkest nightmares, the lack of certain element eats you up alive, taps into your darkest memory, plays with it like devil. Insecurities become Insecurities when you give them Power to be. When you allow them to control you, to tame you, to play with you. Only you have the right to choose what to let in and what to let go; Letting in the negativity and insecurity will lead you on the path of destruction; Self Destruction. When you believe you are Content, you are enough you would let in all the positivity, you would let in the light. Everything you need is within you.
Body insecurities is just a messy equation in your mind, that points the flaws in you, even when you do not have them. Accept your skin, your color, the structure, every bit, every cell in your body. Accept that you are unique, you are one of a creation and that no one can be you, no one can match up to your levels.

Myth : Perfection. Insecurities. Self-doubt. 


In-secured visions are always gloomy and doubtful, Yet it is us who should have clarity on what we want from life. Insecurities are just a part of your mind's game. You take control of the mind and you'll stop feeling sorry for yourself and for everything you do not have.
One and only way to remove the "Insecurities" is to uproot it from within.
That's the only way you can find peace, find your inner soul and yourself as well.
Why run away from the insecurities and your fears, face them, accept them, get past them.
Self-doubt is like consuming poison. Stand in front of the mirror, and tell me what do you see? Do you see a fierce bold person? or Do you see an insecure person who is standing and picking out faults?

Self-Doubt kills you from the inside. Makes you the Hollow person. Now, choose whom you want to be when you see yourself in the mirror. Promise me something, the next time you see yourself, tell yourself you are positive and beautiful and you own it! 

Tame your insecurities!

There is nothing that is humanly impossible. your mind is one of them. Control over your mind is as essential as control over your body, emotions plays a "character" in being YOU. You should not only know your emotions but, tame that inner animal in yourself to your liking and you will stand stronger than ever before.
You can manage yourself better, learn better, handle yourself better. To a point where you wouldn't need someone to come and calm you down, because you can be your savior! Your own protector. Your own best friend. Your everything.

We all have insecurities, we all got bad days, worse even. Breakdowns that makes us give up on life; The most difficult of times are the testing days, opportunities to feel and realize that you've got this. You are stronger than you imagine. You can make better choices when you have figured out yourself and your needs.
How we present ourselves when we are going through a rough phase, how we tackle and stand past it. That's what counts.

It is all about you and your control over the mind, how you deal with it. There is nothing else that can be done. You have a problem you deal with it, face it solve it and get over it.
Just remember, you are worth everything you have. Let your mind know it as well.

Until next time, Stay True! Stay positive! Stay You!


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