Is Life all about being Happy?

 There is always a "forever", in the limited time you get to spend with your loved one, never spoil the moment, making it last forever; When it is not meant to be.

                                                                                                           -Shruti Bevara


 Are you really Happy? Something we should be asking everyday to ourselves. The whole concept of happiness is defined distinctively. Every person is different, in one way or another yet the same when it comes to happiness. We all want to feel the joy, we all want to feel peace and happiness and every positive aspect life has; The term happiness has a huge impact on the emotional and mental state of a person, causing contentment and intense joy. Marked by pleasure, joy and satisfaction. Being happy does not mean having a life of luxury, or having loads of money to spend, living a fancy life. Happiness counts in the actions. Actions that are selfless and made with out of compassion.

We lead such a life, where everything is counted or taken into a rat race. An unknown competition that has to be won if we want a comfortable life ahead of ourselves. We work so hard for Stability, for a better future; For a future which is obscure in itself. Forgetting the fact that we are letting go of our present moments, moments of absolute bliss and ecstasy, hoping you would get the same moments or better, in the future you are building. Ironical? Isn't it?


Happiness is distinctive concept. Our lives are chaotic one way or another engulfed in the tsunami of studies, work and responsibilities added with an endless flow of worry and numerous problems and issues. One of the reasons we are willing to survive this tsunami is because of the Hope, that we'll see a clear sky, in this case a few moments of happiness, a pause, in the chaos. We often forget that we possess the power of feeling what we want to feel. We as individuals, have the POWER to allow any person or emotion to effect us, can be pain, sorrow, worry, joy or happiness, even peace. Happiness comes from our actions and if you are a pure soul, you feel the joy in other's success too. Actions speaks for you, for your feelings and your emotions.

Living a luxurious life where you have money and fame and you can show the world what all assets you own is not Happiness nor it is satisfaction. Satisfaction is that moment where you see yourself succeed, on the thing you have been working for. Happiness is built slowly, from your actions, reactions, choices you make and decisions you take regarding your mental health. Happiness is directly proportional to the mental and emotional state.When you focus on being happy, you are focusing on building a stronger mental and emotional state. A stronger mind-set. Hence making a balance of mind and being in control of your mind.

A happy mind is a healthy mind.


 All we ever want to be happy, but why not work for it? Why forget ourselves, trying to win the whole world? When you can win yourself! Why in need of someone to love you, to make you smile, or to make you happy, when all you need is within you. Running in some race? Pause for a second, take a deep breath and cease the very moment, look around yourself and enjoy the littlest of thing you have. Consume, and be consumed by it.

Happiness isn't the moon or the stars that you can stare and not have. You can have anything and everything you are willing and working for. Life is not always roses and lilies, it's thorns too. How you work your way up is what counts. So here we go, with the tips of finding yourself and your happiness-

  • Choose yourself : Choose yourself above everyone and everything, focus on yourself more than being there for other people Discover every side you have.
  • Discover yourself : No-one knows you, better than you yourself. What makes you happy? What upsets you? What triggers you? What brings you peace? How you deal with your issues? Answer them and you are one step ahead of discovering yourself.
  • Self Talk : Give yourself a big boost of confidence by talking to yourself. Sounds crazy! Right? But talking to yourself is how you handle yourself at your worst. Giving yourself that pep talk and lifting yourself up from the puddle.
  • Confidence Boost : When I say talk to yourself, I actually meant, every morning when you see yourself into the mirror, look into your eyes and say "I am going to Cease and live every moment today" 
  • Accept You : To feel happy You have to accept yourself in your own skin. Insecurities and jealousy about someone is not going to make you better, what makes you better is embracing your beauty, your flaws and your strengths.
  • Support System : Create your own support system. People who genuinely support you and love you for whatever you are. Who celebrate your success and motivates you on your failures.
  • Smile : Put that curve on your face often, you do not need a reason to smile but if you think you do, then remember old, funny times that made you laugh like hell and Laugh! 
  • Practice mindful activities : Practice mindfulness, activities that focus on your mind, exercise or meditation, yoga anything that calms your mind down. 

Just Know - You are responsible for your laughter, pain and happiness too. You feel what you allow yourself to feel and up to what extent, you choose it by yourself knowingly or unknowingly.

This TEACHER'S DAY be your own teacher, learn from your experiences, Be your own tutor of happiness seek for that happy place of yours, not outside but within. Happiness is found in the smallest actions you make to see the purest smile from someone you love or even yourself. You deserve every moment of happiness. When you start to love yourself, you will know How beautiful you are from within. Love, happiness or joy when spread multiplies in itself. Be happy and spread the same to those who needs to feel happy. Bring a smile on someone's face, that my friend, is the priceless moment and priceless achievement you can ever have.

There is no time limit to healing, you take as much of it as you need.

 So, heal and unleash that crazy yet pure child-like side of you. Know that you deserve to be happy, in your own skin just as you are. Stay True, Stay Positive.

Until next time people! Share your stories in the comments. Be Safe!


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