About Us

Greetings! Readers, My name is Shruti Bevara a newbie in the world of blogging. 
I was always an enthusiast when it comes to learning, especially about the language, a recent addition of interest was reading, no precise or specific genre, but whatever catches my eye. Photography was introduced to me by my father, I learnt a few tricks under him, and can say I'm quite good at it.
Coming to my education, I just finished my graduation, and pursuing CMA (Cost and Management Accountancy).
Writing for me has been my "peaceful state" a year ago I would not have thought about blogging, but as they say, time changes everything. I believe words have more power than the actions, some motivation to the person who lost all the hope, can be pulled back to life.
I write, to be that one ray of hope, in someone's lost life, to assure, there's humanity and goodness still left in this world, stick to your human side, the world needs all the good it can have.
I'm here to help you find yourself and define yourself, as you are unique in your own little way.


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