Do You Breathe Often?

We build new worlds, from the ashes of old flames... And wonder why they never stay burning.
We inhale hope and exhale disappointment, guilt, and sorrow, thinking we breathe!
                                                                                                            - Shruti Bevara  


Do You Breathe Often?

Yes, you read it right. I did ask Do You Breathe Often? Breathing is not inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide; it is about living in the moment. It is about being fully present at the moment, with zero distractions, and no thoughts jumping in and out of the mind. It is like meditating. Focusing on the present task. We tend to manage multiple things at a time. We multitask a lot. Especially women; multitasking is in our veins. We manage to dive into this bottomless well of tasks, and happenings of our lives that we forget we need a breather once in a while. To remind ourselves we don't function if we don't breathe. I am not here to talk about the basic body function to survive, I am talking about living our lives. Let me ask, Do you breathe mindfully? 

Breathing is focusing on the present task, one at a time, enjoying ourselves in the process, learning, embracing the flaws, and remembering the beautiful moments of the present. These moments are never returning and are far more precious to let go of. We tend to aim at goals, and plans so much that we forget the most vital questions of all - Am I going to live long enough to see the future I planned and worked so hard for? How long?

The answer to these questions will never be found, no one knows what destiny holds for us. What we do know is 'the present'. Living in the present will give more peace and happiness than worrying about some unforeseen future. Acknowledge the present, moments that bring you joy, peace, and satisfaction of being alive, for being able to live such a beautiful moment. Acknowledge the breathing, you will find peace in it.

Have You Ever Felt Suffocated?

Imagine a day of the results of an exam we have taken. With the rush of thoughts in the mind, anxiety kicks in, and our body turns cold, especially the tips! We breathe so heavily it's like we are carrying a mountain of worry with us. A room full of people strange or known; makes us feel suffocated from the inside because we know we don't belong there. That the people and their criticism overwhelm us.

There are several circumstances where we feel a heavy knot in our chest, making it hard for us to breathe; It is called suffocation. The process where our chest feels burdened and the mind signals it can't take the overwhelming feeling anymore. We suffocate, for a short period of course but that feeling intensifies into a mini heart attack. That is not a good feeling, trust me! It is unavoidable, cannot escape the feeling, however, we can control it; Control it through our breathing, through our response to the adrenaline rush, by not losing it altogether. Suffocation is common, but to what extent? 

When does it sound more like anxiety, or a panic attack and less like suffocation? I'll tell you when. When we are so consumed by our own thoughts (negative), when we are led by fear and not by our strength, when our decisions are based on fear, sorrow, and darkness. We fail our lives when we are led by our fears and when our demons have remote control of our lives.


How to breathe mindfully?

Breathing, as I said is not about inhaling and exhaling. It is a mindful process, that connects the mind, heart, and soul. It awakens our spirit. It tells a lot about a person's feelings and emotional stability. A heavy sigh indicates letting go of stress, anxiety, or some worry we have been holding on to. Now, I don't say it is not right to breathe heavily, but frequent heavy breathing is not right.

Breathing mindfully means acknowledging the fact that we are alive, in flesh and blood. Mindfully means being aware and fully present in the very moment. Are you fully present in the moment, while reading this blog? Fully present - Mind, Body, and Soul are aligned to pour positive energy into breathing. Now, that is quality and mindful breathing. Can you really (hand on your heart) say that in the said years, you have been on earth, have ever breathed mindfully?

Breathing mindfully makes a massive impact on the mind, body, and soul. It connects you to your spirit, touches your inner peace, and tames your inner fears. It is easier said than done, yes I agree, but being fully present at one thing at a particular time is what Focus is all about, Ain't it? 

  • Meditation.
  • Walk in nature.
  • Morning silence (journal, or read).
  • Listen more, talk less.
  • Listen to yourself. 
  • Listen to your body. It speaks. 
  • Your mind has triggers, it talks in signs, not words. 
  • Acknowledge your inner self.
Breathing makes all the difference, breathing mindfully connects you to the creator of the universe, but before that! It connects you to your real self. Someone you have not met fully. It finds you the purpose of life. The purpose of your presence in the world. 
I mean, there's no harm in trying, I will try too. (I hear my father screaming from the other end of the room saying, "You breathe mindfully first!" Yes, yes I hear you, Papa).
So, people! Be mindful of the way you breathe, and try to be fully present in "the present". 
Until next time!

Stay True! Stay Positive! Stay You!
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