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The Power of Failure

  Life is pure imperfection, change is inevitable and so is failure; We learn survival, only after loosing lives. We live it as if there's a tomorrow, but deep down we question, will there be a tomorrow?                                                                                                - Shruti Bevara What is failure? Failure !! Oh it is such a chaotic word! Don't you think? It is one such huge terms which changes the course of future by happening in the present, change is not positive even! At least we tend to think it is not in the present. Failure is lack of success. Failure means, there are expectations and wishes, and the person has not met up with those said expectations and dreams. Failure is seen to be such a negatively influenced term, but truth be told it is one of the most positively influenced one.  Failure is the state of not meeting the set objective, it is said to be the state of "inability" to meet an expectation and to perform a certain