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What is Insomnia?

Pick up your abandoned dreams, Fold them back into your heart; Think, work on it. Until you find it a reality and not just a dream you have;                                                                                              Shruti Bevara What is INSOMNIA?? There's no denying when I say all of us, at some point ,of our "thousand nights" a life spend our time tossing and turning, more like rolling in our bed trying to (more like struggling) get some sleep into our lives. Hey! I can say I am guilty of being insomniac for the most crucial parts of my life. It is okay to admit our failures, struggles out loud. It is okay to be low, to feel unproductive sometimes, it is perfectly fine to ALLOW yourself to feel every emotion instead of burying it deep inside of you, for it to only burst out like a volcano of suppressed emotions on someone else one day. Anyways! that is a topic for another blog, back to our beloved insomnia! Insomnia - is a common sleep disorder wher