Balance : Mind, Body, Soul;

 "Expose yourself to your deepest fear, once you face it; the fear will have no power over you! Instead the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes; You are Free: Mind, Body and Soul;"
                                                                                                            - Shruti Bevara 

Balance; Life is all about balance -

Hello! Let's talk about realistic stuff, more like things we see a person doing from day to day life, at some point we do it too. It sure is not a job (as you may think) but what exactly is it? "Management" Yes! Even a kid who goes to school is "managing". Managing the school work, studying for tests, exams and most importantly the play time! ain't no-one's missing that. Who doesn't love a good old school life!! Anyways, back to the topic; So what exactly is Balance?

By definition it goes -

The ability to maintain the line of gravity. Balance is the ability to distribute your weight in such a way that it lets you stand up on your own.
One of the greatest and most common ways to make balance and to keep that balance is to form HABITS. Habits that shape, make or break a person. 
Habits are those smallest details in your life, in your routine, in your daily life that speaks your story, that defines you into a successful one or an unsuccessful one. Habits are things that we do repeatedly every day, every time. The kind of habits we incorporate in our lives defines how independent or interdependent we are;
We are not born ready, we have to be made ready, to face and survive in this wicked world. And we are made ready by learning, absorbing whatever has been taught. Incorporating what has been taught as habits into our lives. We get to carry it with us, in success or failure at every possible stage of life.


  "To write a great book, you must first become the book."
To make anything a habit you must first make the action, repeat the action, incorporate it in your daily routine and make it a part of your life. The most practical way to change who you are, is to change what you do. each habit not only gets you the results but also teaches you to trust yourself, to trust the process; It may be slow but sure is effective! Your identity emerges out of your habits.

Balance is made through habits; Habits of mind, body and soul. Let's talk about them individually - 


When we say mind - The law of mind is the law of belief; The subconscious mind is the principle and works according to the law of belief; the belief of the mind is the thought of mind; Every thought is, therefore a cause and every condition is an effect. Imagine yourself to be a gardener, you plant the seeds of thoughts; grow into plants. When harvested, the good seeds you have sown gives you peace, happiness and prosperity the bad ones gives you anger, sorrow and negativity. So, plant the good ones.

The mind learns through observation, experience and education what you observe and learn, what you accept is true, you command your mind think of it as true; 
Think of it this way, You are playing a game of Chess with your mind, Your mind is one hell of a player (trust me!) Either you win or you loose. I'll enlighten you on both ends of a coin.
When you win - You control the mind. You get to choose what seeds (thoughts) you want to sow, reap and enjoy the fruit. 
When you loose - You give in to your mind. It plays the most wicked games with you, plantings the unhealthy most harmful seeds for you to reap, to loose your balance, eventually to loose yourself.

Thoughts are driven by fear, courage, happiness, peace, sorrow, anger and every other emotion you feel. The subconscious mind will translate it into reality. It is unknown of the fact which causes harm and which does not; the emotions you choose to feel, defines your status of mind. 
Your subconscious mind multiplies and magnifies whatever you deposit in it.
Your mind should be in your control, not you in it's control. 


Meditate : I cannot stress enough on the fact that mediation helps the mind to focus on one thing at a time, your mind is a mix of thoughts, and the thoughts will pull and push your mind's focus. Meditation helps your mind to calm down and prioritize its attention.

: Affirmations are little commands or reminders to your mind that it is at peace and is at balance. Affirm -
I am a whole perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy person.
Heal : the process of healing is a definite, positive, mental attitude or a way of thinking called Faith. Faith is developed at your will. It is an external elixir to the mind which gives life, power and action to the impulse of thought.

Aim to grow :  Always aim higher, aim to grow in life in terms of thoughts, actions contributing to self development. Not in terms of money, or external power or greed. Success comes with self development with growth, with hard work and with experience. Whatever you do in life, never stop growing, experimenting, and most of all never give up, on yourself on your dreams or your desires. 

As Napoleon hill once said -

What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.


If the mind is god, the body is temple for the god. The temple, we use, abuse and cherish until it is submerged with the soil, is holy and sacred just as the mind and soul. The mind body and soul are interconnected, the cause on one, effects the other two, disturbs he balance and causes chaos. Just as the mind, our body sends signs when it needs change, or healing from a bad effect. Unknowingly we abuse our body endlessly when we are struggling to agree with our minds.

The stress, anxiety and fear we feel effects our body as well. The junk food that we consume is straight abuse to our body, it is a pleasure for the tongue, an abuse for the stomach.
Inhaling a bag of potato chips, a burger and a large coke, while you are feeling like absolute shit, refusing to do anything about it is a straight up abuse. And you know what! your body has done nothing to deserve such treatment.


Exercise : Stop being a couch potato! Your life has not ended here. You will get another job, your problems will have solutions, you are going to overcome this stage of life, you will find love again! Everything will just turn out the way you planned, you just have to get up and stay fit to live your dreams to work for your desires your goals. 

Eat healthy : I know it is boring stuff, but why not make a balance of healthy and unhealthy for starters, 50-50 at first, once you get into a habit of eating 50% healthy push it a little further to 70%, a little harder to 100% once you reach there, celebrate your cheat day with something you enjoy the most.

Drink your water! : There's no arguing no negotiations, just drink your damn water! send the oxygen needed to the brain, so it can work on your goals your dreams. Everything you do is for yourself. 


Soul is all about the spiritual side of you. The emotional and intellectual energy that your body gives out. The sole reason why we "feel" why we "think" why we "breathe" at all! And no the heart is not why we breathe! its just an organ that helps us to breathe. We breathe, we feel and we live because we have that desire to breathe , feel and live. It is a way of our spirit acknowledging us of its presence. 
Spirituality talks about the purpose of life, the purpose of our survival, our presence on earth. 
We serve our purpose, to the universe, we show love and gratitude, for putting us into this beautiful place.
Some of us search for a purpose to live, to breathe and to survive while some of us fulfills their purpose in their deeds, some of us finds their purpose by guiding others, teaching what they learnt all their life. Purpose is different to everyone, everyone is here for different reasons, united by one cause, one reason - humanity (has different names as well some call it love, faith, god, fear and hope).

Spirituality or soul comes to be at balance when both mind and body are at balance, when they both act as one;

So! Invest in yourself, invest in emotions, people and products that helps you grow, especially to find your purpose and your peace! 
Train your mind to have self-confidence, that is how you fight back to the negativity. Have a competitive edge, but never let it overpower you. Choose your own thoughts and make your own decisions. You and only you have the power to transform yourself into anything you desire! 
Admire the herd, never follow it. Have a mind of your own. Never let your mind overpower you, you control it.

Stay True! Stay Positive! Keep Growing ever changing and Evolving! 
Most importantly Stay You!
Until next time! (I promise to be consistent with my blogs) 
Meanwhile, submerge into this one!


  1. One of the finest graffiti out of your box

  2. great depth of thought at such a tender age.kudos to you and your father.I will certainly work to adapt.


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