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Balance : Mind, Body, Soul;

  "Expose yourself to your deepest fear, once you face it; the fear will have no power over you! Instead the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes; You are Free: Mind, Body and Soul;"                                                                                                             - Shruti Bevara  Balance; Life is all about balance - Hello! Let's talk about realistic stuff, more like things we see a person doing from day to day life, at some point we do it too. It sure is not a job (as you may think) but what exactly is it? "Management" Yes! Even a kid who goes to school is "managing". Managing the school work, studying for tests, exams and most importantly the play time! ain't no-one's missing that. Who doesn't love a good old school life!! Anyways, back to the topic; So what exactly is Balance? By definition it goes - The ability to maintain the line of gravity. Balance is the ability to distribute your weight in such a way that