Loving Relationship : Signs;

 "I made a promise, to share; Share your pain, to be your strength. To support you when you are doubting yourself. There is no Forever. But we will make forever in the time we are entitled to;"

                                                                                            - Shruti Bevara

What is Love? 

 Love is said to be kind, said to be patient, said to be roses and rainbow. Described by all the poets in their work, love is a blissful feeling something that can only be felt. When you see the other side of it, Love is pain, a sweet heart-wrenching pain leaving us with guilt, a regret for choosing to love, a heart full of hate created by pain.

The truth is, you get to choose whom you love, whom you choose to give yourself to; And if it fails, you are equally responsible as the other person is. 

Love is not the same as we read it in the poems or books, it isn't always rainbows and red roses. Yet it is beautiful in every manner as we speak. Everyone has their own version of "Love" and everyone claims to have been in love at least once in their lives; But has it been love all along? Or just a strong affection?

There is no perfect version of love, there is no "Happily Ever After" love (sorry to burst your bubbles), but I'll tell you what is there. There is a bond, so pure and serene which is as distinctive as DNA, as unique as finger prints something that cannot be explained, that cannot be expressed but just felt. 

I used to think you just need one person in your life for everything. One person to share yourself with, one person as your best friend, your partner, your family, your motivator, and everything you can think of; I was wrong to think so, you need different people, each one of them knows the different version of you. You cannot share everything about yourself just to one person and expect them to understand the whole you. Being in a situation one thinks he/she is the only one suffering all along who has been burdened with all the problems in life; yet fails to see the other side of the same coin. Ever heard of the common phrase "The grass is greener on the other side". We apply this into our lives 24*7, unknowingly; 

Take a pause and think, observe, rewind back if you have to, to a place or a circumstance or a situation where you might have once in your life compared your life or yourself to someone else's. Forgetting (rather ignoring) the fact that we all are fighting our own battles, our own shadows. 


There is no joy greater than the one which comes out of love! Love has its mysterious ways of showing there's hope, light and peace in this existence. It is a journey, a Tom and Jerry game. Sometimes it is dark and it may seem there's no way out but, the dark nights end and the sun rises too. To give and to receive is what we live for! They say - 

"To be kind to all, to like many and love a few, to be needed and wanted by those we love, is certainly the nearest we can come to happiness". 
                                                                                                          - Mary Stuart

Love is what you perceive of it! I was once told to give out all the love and kindness I had, the universe will return it in some unexpected way, can be late sometimes, may disappoint you sometimes because you expect to receive it from a specific person and he/she fails to, but it always gives you back what you deserve.

The darker days are ones to embrace, because it is the only one that tells you if you are a survivor of the storm or the one who is consumed by the storm. Love will take everything from you, even yourself! But only for you to find the better version of you. You become selfless and giving , you become patient and if you have found the right person, you find Peace! too.

So, be a giver and a receiver, love hard, fall harder, but don't forget to ask yourself, Is he/she worth my efforts? Happy Loving!

Stay True! Stay Positive! Stay Safe!
See you soon!


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