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Loving Relationship : Signs;

 "I made a promise, to share; Share your pain, to be your strength. To support you when you are doubting yourself. There is no Forever. But we will make forever in the time we are entitled to;"                                                                                             - Shruti Bevara What is Love?   Love is said to be kind, said to be patient, said to be roses and rainbow. Described by all the poets in their work, love is a blissful feeling something that can only be felt. When you see the other side of it, Love is pain, a sweet heart-wrenching pain leaving us with guilt, a regret for choosing to love, a heart full of hate created by pain. The truth is, you get to choose whom you love, whom you choose to give yourself to; And if it fails, you are equally responsible as the other person is.  Love is not the same as we read it in the poems or books, it isn't always rainbows and red roses. Yet it is beautiful in every manner as we speak. Everyone has their