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From Self-Doubt to Success;

  Life puts us at an end, To begin the journey, To choose, a path; There's a path filled with sorrow, a life of solitude, regretful, grieving. A choice man makes.. And a path, no-one sees, but everyone seeks for,  leading to a peaceful place, where no man ever grieves,  No soul ever lost, undefined!  A place where the heart meets the Soul;                                                                                                                  - Shruti Bevara Self Doubt? Admit it! We all have been there, done that. Self Doubt has always been a part of our personalities, no matter what religion we belong to, this "trait" is commonly found in every on of us. Agree? Questioning ourselves at every stage of life , asking ourselves Whether we are a good enough part? A good person? A good parent, child or sibling? A good spouse?  The worst I have asked myself and heard others too is - Am I worthy? Am I enough? Am I beautiful? Do I deserve the Success and Love the world