Value of your Time;

 Wander the streets of pain and joy; Seek for what it teaches you. Enhance your intuition. Lone paths prove to be a chance to find ourselves;

                                                                                                       Shruti Bevara



Do not worry! I am not here to lecture about time how to use it or rant about why wasting your time when you can study or work hard. We all have been there, listening to it since the day we entered the world. So, What exactly is time? If you ask me, it's the only thing in universe that is permanent, which runs like hell! Like have you ever noticed how fast it moves! Especially when we are spending time with our favorite person? Unreal. We are not here to define time or tell each other about how important it is to "Be" on time. We are going to talk about the relation between time and you.

What is Time??

Scientifically, philosophically and many more "licallies" time is defined to be continuous, progressive and the witness of events happening around the world (the whole universe, to be honest). Time is the measurement of your past, the present and to the future. 
Mother Teresa once said "Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin."
Time is something we all run with or away from it. We make excuses "Sorry dude, Have got no time", Maybe next time? The truth is, we have got all the time in the world, what makes a difference is, 
How we use it. How we take advantage of it. How we manage ourselves with it. 
Now, when it comes to people, when it comes to emotions, relationships we tend to loosen ourselves, we take our "time" before realizing it has been a toxic ride all over! From the start.


Realization is a slow (like way too slow) yet distinctive, varying from person to person. The person is left with regret, filled with emotions of loss, hatred and pain. Often we cuss those with whom we end things bitterly. But that person came into your life, either to ruin or to make your life better; Because You ALLOWED that person to enter! When you invest time in someone, you willingly entertain that person, enjoy their presence and create a beautiful bond with them,until it is contaminated. The time you have spent with that person, stays with you in your mind, as memories.

Every beginning has an end, every end promises a new beginning. Promising a forever in a world where life itself is temporary is like promising someone to never change; But change is the only thing that is permanent. So, the next time you make promises about something for your loved one, Promise them time, promise them efforts from your side, promise them understanding and a belief that you are not going to judge, but support and be considerable, compassionate and loving towards the loved one.


We live in a world where feelings are either considered as "child's play" or taken as everything there can be. We either push those feelings away or feel it to the core of our heart. As Sir Issac Newton discovered, the gravitational force, the balance that keeps the world from falling apart.
We as humans fall apart when we loose control over ourselves, when we don't keep the balance needed between our emotions. Our minds play a major role, believe it or not,
We are lead by our minds, controlled and dictated by it. Until we take the wheel. 
Do not be lead by your thoughts, but by your beliefs. 
Ask yourself if you are a "lead by mind" or "lead by heart" person. If i am asked to, I would choose to be lead by both mind and heart. The balance of both. You'll be blinded, if you choose either one. 


You will change, with time. Everyone does, you may not have moments of joy, fun and adventure like you had once, but as you grow up you will realize this is better. 

Let's get some Tips - 

  • Handle the changes wisely : Change is inevitable, something you can never run away from. So why not welcome it, accept it give it all the love. Spread your arms for anything and everything life throws at you, try to handle it in a safest way possible, try not to hurt anyone and yourself too.
  • Accept your Insecurities : Acceptance is first step to the process of healing. If you are insecure take yourself through these questions, Why? What made me feel it? What I can do about it?
  • Take some time for Self-love : You are blessed to have people who love you. but you will be the luckiest if you know how to love yourself and treat yourself right. People leave, you are stuck with yourself, Make it worthy.
  • Dreams and Desires : Have the world in your own way, Dream small or big, have desires and never be sorry about them. See the beauty in everything in your own little way, imagine and express because you have the right to!
  • Life is beyond the fears : Fear is a part of you, not completely you. Giving control to your fears is self-destruction. You are not defined by your fears, but by your strengths, the ways you overcome it control it and live beyond it.
Life is all about being happy! You have a limited time on earth, use it to your advantage, use it to be happy to spread love, to appreciate the smallest gestures. The smallest gestures of love and care. Appreciate those morning kisses from your pet, appreciate the scoldings of Papa, because he is raising you to be a better person. Every action that is put towards you, for you. Be grateful. 

You don't have to someone else's marathon, so stop wasting your time chasing someone, and someone's dream. You've got your own rhythm, your own beat, your own life to lead. Make it worth the living. 
I kept this as a little pep talk, between you and me. Instead of making it a learning.
Let me know in the comments, How do you like it?

As always, Stay Safe! Stay True to yourself! Stay Positive! 
Until next time fam! 


  1. Very well threaded the beads ... Hmmm Time!

    It flashes my memory lane to Pink Floyd's superhit song 'Time'.

  2. अभी किसी भी बच्चे को लिखते पढ़ते देखता हूँ (एकेडमिक्स के अलावा) तो बेहद खुशी होती है । आज के झटपट पा जाने वाले समय मे, कॉपी पेस्ट के समय मे कुछ अपना लिखना , स्वयं की सोच रखना वाकई खुशी की बात है ।
    हमेशा अच्छा लिखते रहे , अच्छा साहित्य पढ़ते रहे ।

  3. Daebakk! Beautifully written! Keep writing... Keep inspiring.. Much love and more power to you :)

  4. Nice narrative on Time. Good flow and nice summarisation. Best wishes.


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