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Value of your Time;

 Wander the streets of pain and joy; Seek for what it teaches you. Enhance your intuition. Lone paths prove to be a chance to find ourselves;                                                                                                        Shruti Bevara   Do not worry! I am not here to lecture about time how to use it or rant about why wasting your time when you can study or work hard. We all have been there, listening to it since the day we entered the world. So, What exactly is time? If you ask me, it's the only thing in universe that is permanent, which runs like hell! Like have you ever noticed how fast it moves! Especially when we are spending time with our favorite person? Unreal. We are not here to define time or tell each other about how important it is to "Be" on time. We are going to talk about the relation between time and you. What is Time?? Scientifically, philosophically and many more "licallies" time is defined to be continuous, progressive