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What is Perfection?

  Work through your faults, make some mistakes! Learn from them.. Set targets for everything you want to achieve! Tell yourself - "Your're worth everything you desire and work for".  It's always gonna be one life; One life, to learn and grow, to live up to your satisfaction.                                                                                                           - Shruti Bevara What is Perfection? Haven't we all heard the term "perfection" for like thousand times in our lives? Ever given a thought where did it come from? And why does everything have to be "Perfect"? Why can't we have our versions of perfection? Perfection generally is a state of being perfect; with zero amount of flaws or mistakes, a hundred percent pure excellence. Feels like a world of dreams right? (Felt the same for me when I was writing!). When it comes to real world; Hell! It is pure chaos  and a hundred percent flaws and imperfections. Perfection i