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 Each day passing by, Shall remind you the faults and flaws you have! Shall make you conscious from making the same mistake again. Learning from your faults and starting to love your flaws; That's what life is all about.                                                                                                                   - Shruti Bevara Let's take a step further, and talk about insecurities . We all know we have insecurities in our own ways. How often do we talk about them? Or how often do we face them? Instead of running away? What is Insecurity?? Insecurity . The word itself has a negative sound to it. The mind is a controller , until you take over it. If you think you are not ENOUGH you will not feel you are enough. Your flaws and your faults are yours when you think or feel it is your FLAWS, consider them a way of learning and you will find it easy to accept and embrace them. Insecurity has another name called Self Doubt . Where you question your beliefs, yo