The Essence of True Love!

 There's no term called "perfection" in love, You grow in love stronger and better than before. 
It is going to be a rough path, lots of ups and downs! At the end of the day, Looking at the loved one, You can say.. "You're worth every pain! It feels right to be beside you;"
                                                                                      - Shruti Bevara


What is Love?

We reached a ripe age of (the age we are in) and still when we are asked about love, most of us have no answer, while some of us might have one, it is mostly wrong because of the experience they have. Loving a wrong person in the right way, then cussing and cursing love! That isn't fair people! Is it? Love is such a distinctive concept. Varies from one person to another, everyone has a different opinion on it. A different story to tell. But whom to ask?

  • Ask a Mother, who protected in her womb for those beautiful nine months until her little one is ready to enter into the world she is in; 
  • Ask a Father, who swore to protect you from all the evil, to care you, to nurture you, until you are ready to fight the world;
  • Ask your Sibling, someone you grew up with, who becomes your second mother/father the protector! the backbone, supporter, best friend you name it!
  • Ask your Grandparents, who spoils you with their love, who builds up your foundation, who teaches you everything they learnt from experiences;
  • Ask your Best Friend, that "All in One" person, who becomes everything when you need him/her to be! Your shield, the only person you rely on, after your family, who means equal or more than family, Your better half!
The kind of love these people share, it is Unconditional! Unreal and Beautiful in it's own way, no matter how bad of a person you are or you can be, those hands would never leave yours;
It is such a pure and selfless promise of love, acceptance and to share everything they have, with you.


        What we think is Love -

Beautiful descriptions, stories and poems on love by various poets, narrators and authors (if you are lucky you get to know about "us zamane ka pyar" from grandparents or from parents) Where it says love is but an equation of hearts, beating for each other dances at each other's beats, hearts that gives no damn about what the world will think! 

Love is such a feeling that pushes you out of your "Zone" makes you want to cross borders and seas, do right by that person, makes you go poetic! compare it with moon and stars, sunrises and sunsets; As fragile as a flower, the heart is; Yet is torn into pieces, broken down to vulnerability.
From the prick of a cupid's arrow to that bitterness of a heart break the complete emotion of love to pain, is put into words Poems! I do not love you except because I Love You -

I do not love you except because I Love You,
I go from loving to not loving you,
From waiting to not waiting for you,
My heart moves from cold to fire.
I love you because it's you the one I love;
I hate you deeply and hating you 
Bend to you,
The measure of my changing Love for you
Is that I do not see you but love you blindly. 
Maybe January light will consume my heart with its cruel ray,
Stealing my key to true calm.
In this part of the story I am the one who dies,
The only one and I will die of love;
Because I Love You!
Because I Love You in fire and blood.

                                                                                                         - Pablo Neruda

Now Love is all beautiful and great when you read it, in poems and in novels with a great "Happily Ever After" but can you say that in real life? We often forget there is a difference in "reel" and "real" life. Our favorite movies, song lyrics, poems or love stories spoils us; We expect our significant other to be "Perfect" in a world where perfection itself has no definition. Everyone is perfect in their own little ways, instead of appreciating their beauty, we ask them to Change! We ask them to loose the mere essence that makes them, THEM.


Love is not always roses and happiness nor it is pain and chaos all the time. It is exactly what you make of it. If you are in love, the first question you should ask yourself is-
Am I really in love? Sounds weird right? But when you think you are in love that's exactly where you are attracted to a person strongly. Have you ever questioned yourself, Why do you expect for someone else to be perfect for you, when you are perfectly capable of being that for yourself?

Why do you need someone else to make you feel like a princess? To pay your bills or to throw tantrums at? When you are ENOUGH and whole in yourself!

Steps to fall and stay in Love -

  • Self Love - The only kind of love in the entire world, where you wouldn't be feeling the hurt and pain from loving. Even before you loose your heart and mind to someone else try loving yourself unconditionally, try accepting yourself with your flaws. Expect from yourself and fulfill the same!
  • Know yourself - Before loosing yourself to someone else, Know yourself. What makes you or breaks you, what are your needs and what can you offer to the significant other.
  • Figure out - Try to put yourself into depths of mind and find that Line which differentiates Attraction and Love from each other. Ask your inner self (mind and soul) is this the person I really want to spend the rest of my life with?
  • Love comes with pain - For those who are still under the illusion that love is all happiness and peace, it is chaotic and painful as well. As Bob Marley said -
          " Truth is every one is going to hurt you; You gotta find those who are worth suffering for".

When you choose to love someone you choose the pain it brings along; You expect someone to love 
you unconditionally when you can't accept yourself with all the flaws that you have? 

Self Acceptance and Self Love should be a priority! Period. No one can know you or love you better than you yourself. Every one else is an addition to your life. A bonus in your life. You are the definition of yourself, you are your own lover, savior and protector. Be so bold and strong, no person can ever break you, make you feel vulnerable or helpless; Because you deserve the world full of positivity and happiness. Remember there always will be a new dawn after a dark day!

Love can be painful sometimes, unbearably. Yet it is the one reason you grow to be the strongest person you are. It is all about perspective and choices you make, that defines you and your destiny.
So be someone who inspires yourself and a thousand others, who shows what is Love all about and how to actually share, grow in and out of it, with it. 
Be someone, who stands for self, lives for self and loves, self. Every other person is just an addition to you and your life.

This is the last blog of this year, it has been a great year writing, motivating and being motivated. Start a new year with a positive note. It is going to be challenging with a lot of opportunities to learn to face your fears to tackle with issues, and mainly to Grow! 

As I always say, Stay True! Stay Positive! Stay You!
A very Happy New Year! 


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