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The Essence of True Love!

  There's no term called "perfection" in love, You grow in love stronger and better than before.  It is going to be a rough path, lots of ups and downs! At the end of the day, Looking at the loved one, You can say.. "You're worth every pain! It feels right to be beside you;"                                                                                       - Shruti Bevara What is Love? We reached a ripe age of (the age we are in) and still when we are asked about love, most of us have no answer, while some of us might have one, it is mostly wrong because of the experience they have. Loving a wrong person in the right way, then cussing and cursing love! That isn't fair people! Is it? Love is such a distinctive concept. Varies from one person to another, everyone has a different opinion on it. A different story to tell. But whom to ask? Ask a Mother , who protected in her womb for those beautiful nine months until her little one is ready to enter into