Dream Vs Desire! : Burning Desires;

 Dreams are the seedlings of reality, seeds that we sow in the soil, nurture and water, so they grow from a sapling to an enormous life-giving tree of success.

                                                                                                            - Shruti Bevara


Dreams? Desires?

Dreams are the kindling fire of certain desires we have. On the other hand when we talk about Desires, those are the mere wishes we have; Some being strong and some being neutral, the stronger ones are what we will talk about here. Strong wishes are more commonly known as Desires. We all have desires some are dark too; The pure desires with the willingness to turn into a reality is what we call Dreams.

Sounds surprising right? Both are co-related. Your purest of desires, transforms into a seedling of dream which, when taken care of, watered and grown becomes a Reality! Limitless desires! But a handful can be turned into dreams with a lot of determination and hardship you pour life to those dreams, that kept you sleepless for days, months and who knows years! Desires are a part of you, something that defines your liking(s). 

Have you ever felt this burn inside, a burning wish, a burning Desire? Ever wanted to have something so bad, it became an obsession? A better question would be -

What is a Burning Desire?

We all possess a bunch of desires, wishes; Some of them can be dark too. Your darkest desires does not define you nor your purest wishes. What defines you is how you tame your fears, how you keep a balance between your angels and your demons. What you allow yourself to feel and up to what extent? Burning desires does not always point put your darkest desires. What it actually mean is, How willing are you to have something in your life? Could be money, luxury, a certain position, a job, a happy family or whatever it is that you want or whatever that you have been working so hard for. What it actually mean is when your wish turns into a string fervent craving, a strong want backed by the determination and persistence to get it. So strong that it literally drives you to invest everything you have got with you, to achieve it.
Having a burning desire is not something you buy or get from the outside world, it grows within you; Cultivates inside of you. Since you have sown the seed of wish it will grow into a strong desire enough to burn you from inside and to fuel you with all the motivation you need, to make you work in and out, until you reach your point of success and taste the fruit of your hardships.


I am not going to pull punches here and tell you something out of the world, something you do not know about. We all have dreams, all kinds of dreams; We might have seen millions of dreams in our life time yet there are always a handful or even less that are ideas, thoughts and day dreams (as we like to call it) that never lets you sleep or think of anything else, drags you back to the idea or the dream; Fast forward to the moment when you realize it became your obsession! And all you want to do is achieve whatever it is. There is nothing you cannot do if you put your mind and soul into it, Try it! Dreams are not born of indifference, laziness, procrastination or lack of ambition. They are born of the willingness, determination, persistence and a mind which doesn't know the term "Giving up". Quitting is not an option or even a choice when you are diving and swimming in the ocean of your obsession your desire and your dream!

How to cultivate burning desire?

How about we do a little self-assessment here? Go ahead and ask yourselves these set of questions-
  • Do you have a Goal?
  • How did you set your goal(s)?
  • How determined or committed are you?
  • Is it your priority?
  • How hard you are working for it?
  • Is it worth everything you are investing?
  • Are you absolutely certain, you will never give up? 
These are a small number of questions you should ask yourself before you start turning your wish or idea into a dream or into a desire or an obsession. Favorable answers? You are all set to go on the voyage of success! Unfavorable answers? Then find your answers first answer them and figure it out yourself, Is this really something I want and I am willing to give everything it needs?`

Desire is only a thought, an impulse. It is abstract, has no value until it has been transformed into its physical counterpart. The impulse, the DESIRE is given shape, form and action through the aid of the imagination faculty of the mind. Ideas are the product of imagination. Of course not every idea is The One. But finding the "One" is your purpose. 


A clear sky, a beautiful sunshine can sometimes feel like it is burning, blazing at us. There are certain amount of things we have no control over. Yet there are things which we have total control over. Things like our thoughts, emotions and the way we act, behave or respond to something. The worst battle you will ever have to fight is with yourself. A dilemma whether you should or shouldn't do something. Clearing the thorns (obstacles) as you walk along the path for the purpose you always had, the dream you always wanted to achieve.
You win the world when you are the person who controls yourself, not some external factor, not other person and not other things. You clear the path, you find your purpose and you put your thoughts and ideas together when you are able to control the tsunami of your thoughts, your intellect and your emotions and put them to the correct use.
A lot of people fail to control their thought process let alone themselves! A cloud of emotions affects your judgement. It is necessary for anyone to steer clear, of every emotion, thought or memory even nightmare, to envision a better self, a better future. 


A future which is full of possibilities, a future you always wanted, envisioned of! Hey! I am not gonna say it'll all be roses and rainbows but what i can assure you of is, You will be a dedicated dreamer and achiever dreamer and achiever, a person who knows how to handle a situation how NOT to loose control, loose self in the puddle of emotions! A person who is wise who is a self-made success, who knows better than giving in, to the fears one possesses.
It is never late to turn a leaf over! To start over and to work your way up, emotionally mentally or physically. As long as you have hope and you do not give up, Everything is possible.
Believe there is goodness left in this world, in people and in you. Choose to see every side of a person, yet stick to the good side, that is how you do not loose a person you love and yourself for loving that person.

So! Let go of all the fears, hesitations. Over come those thoughts. Choose to look past that fear have some hope and faith in you. Believe you can and you will! 
Instead of taking a step back, take a step ahead! Because whatever is you are envisioning, you can turn it into a reality!


  1. Excellent  Shruthi, everyone will have dreams and goals but only a few will achieve it. You pointed out here precisely what to do to achieve.

    Also, as a family member, I am proud of you, at your age, I did nothing apart from studies.


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