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How to overcome your fears?

 Every scar tells a story, Every smile hides one; You don't need a new dawn, for a new hope, for as you may realize.. You are the new Hope! You are the change, embracing the scars; Putting everything at stake, just to see yourself grow;                                                                                                                     - Shruti Bevara Have you ever felt you are on the verge of Life and "After Life" ? The rush of sudden chill down your spine, unexpected, yet very effective on our minds, causing the loss of control on ourselves, neither you can stop or manage the flow of your thoughts. The whole explanation in one term is Fear; Fear! One of the most powerful and vital emotion triggered by the perception of danger which can be real or it can be an imagination of the mind. Fear is incredibly complex matter. Some fears can be out of bad experiences, traumas while some are more physical such as fear of heights or accidents, the mere thought of

Dream Vs Desire! : Burning Desires;

 Dreams are the seedlings of reality, seeds that we sow in the soil, nurture and water, so they grow from a sapling to an enormous life-giving tree of success.                                                                                                             - Shruti Bevara   Dreams? Desires? Dreams are the kindling fire of certain desires we have. On the other hand when we talk about Desires, those are the mere wishes we have; Some being strong and some being neutral, the stronger ones are what we will talk about here. Strong wishes are more commonly known as Desires. We all have desires some are dark too; The pure desires with the willingness to turn into a reality is what we call Dreams. Sounds surprising right? Both are co-related . Your purest of desires, transforms into a seedling of dream which, when taken care of, watered and grown becomes a Reality! Limitless desires! But a handful can be turned into dreams with a lot of determination and hardship you pour life