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How to handle Exam Stress?

 Every event has a purpose, Every setback is a lesson, Learn to embrace those setbacks. So when you are asked about your secret of such a beautiful life you lead, You can say "I am a simple person who has found his/her soul";                                                                                         - The monk who sold his Ferrari Exams! The term itself is enough to give chills in your spine . When someone says exam we usually rewind back to the worst experience of taking an examination. Some place or situation where we got the lowest marks or somewhere we failed badly or to a place which made us doubt ourselves, "Are we even capable of achieving it?" Instead of working even harder for it. Taking an examination feels like a roller coaster ride, sudden rush of adrenaline! Endless flow of anxiety and nervousness. How will I perform? Will it be tough? What if I Fail? A lot of prayers added too, "God! Please help me get through it." And

Is Life all about being Happy?

 There is always a "forever", in the limited time you get to spend with your loved one, never spoil the moment, making it last forever; When it is not meant to be.                                                                                                            -Shruti Bevara  Are you really Happy? Something we should be asking everyday to ourselves. The whole concept of happiness is defined distinctively . Every person is different, in one way or another yet the same when it comes to happiness. We all want to feel the joy, we all want to feel peace and happiness and every positive aspect life has; The term happiness has a huge impact on the emotional and mental state of a person, causing contentment and intense joy . Marked by pleasure, joy and satisfaction . Being happy does not mean having a life of luxury, or having loads of money to spend, living a fancy life. Happiness counts in the actions. Actions that are selfless and made with out of compassion . W