How to put your life together?

Be rebellious, with a cause. Rationalize your thoughts. If you are doing something wrong, Do it the right way! Let the world know you exist.
                                                                              -Shruti Bevara

Have you ever encountered this feeling- "What kind of a Life am I leading?" in the middle of the night. Diving (probably drowning) into the pool of thoughts specifically the negative ones, where everything seems dark, like you've been hit with a truck of Reality Checks! 
Those Random Unrealistic/Irrational Thoughts that plays with our minds in the middle of the night. I bet it's not a good feeling for anyone, A rush of Self Doubting thoughts hitting our mind constantly, thinking How did my life go that dark in the first place? Sometimes we even do not realize that our actions, the people we surround ourselves with, has a great negative impact on us, leaving a remark which isn't visible yet harmful. 

"I have to put my life back together" A thought like this is a sign that you realize your life isn't the way actually want it to or planned it to be. A lot of reasons, but one person to be blamed - YOU.
Yes you are responsible for the choices and actions you make in your life. Sounds a bit harsh but is the truth, You may ask yourself a series of questions -
Feeling Disturbed?
Am i just a Failure?
Stress overtook your mind?
Sleep Deprived?
Lacking Confidence?
If any one of it's answer is YES then you should consider pulling yourself back together. pulling yourself back from being a success in your life!


Life is not always going to be Rainbows and Lemons! Most of it will be Dark clouds and sour blood oranges, bad rhyming though, but the fact remains the same -
Life is going to be a battle, not a fair one, but everything you need is right inside you. You just have to be brave enough to believe and fight with it.
 One thing people do not realize until later in their lives is, whatever they feel good bad worse, every emotion every feeling of happiness, joy, sorrow, remorse, anger even is because they Allow themselves to feel it.
You only feel every emotion and feeling because you allow it to be felt, if someone or something is hurting you it is simply because you are allowing/letting it hurt you, same goes with the happiness the only reason you smile is because you let someone make you smile. Every emotion is felt, because you allow yourself to feel it.

You loose the balance of yourself when you Sulk around, allowing to feel emotions and things you shouldn't be allowed to feel. Let's take a ride of what you should and shouldn't allow yourself to do and to be -
  • Organize yourself. Meaning organize your thoughts, your day and yourself.
  • Take out those people out of your life who criticize you instead of supporting you (You would be doing yourself a huge favor)
  • Make plans, goals divide then into short, mid and long term goals and keep a check on them, achieve them.
  • Make and Maintain a Journal, a diary to write down your thoughts and certain things you want to remember, memories or incidents, from small to big achievements.
  • Be your own Advisor, your own best friend and your own comforter, basically be independent in every possible way.
  • Remember to "Go With The Flow" life is meant to be enjoyed, cease the flow of unnecessary second thoughts.
  • Indulge yourself into things that you enjoy doing, things that tune you with your interests and passion.
  • Work more on yourself, understand yourself, examine yourself from time to time and most importantly accept yourself in your own beautiful skin.
  • Develop an effective routine and stick to it, modify it if ever needed to.
  • Give up on every toxic person you ever had in life, surround yourself with like minded people.
  • Practice mindfulness, meditate or exercise to keep your mind and body healthy.
  • Make and Maintain the balance of body and mind, try staying calm at all times.

Life has always proven to be Unpredictable! No assurances, but what we can be sure about is ourselves, that whatever "life" is left within us, we live it as fully as possible. Allow us to feel every emotion we want to and avoid certain people and things that shouts "Red Flags Ahead". Trust yourself above all, believe in yourself. Dream It. Work It. Achieve It.
Set your priorities, career family and friends, anyone who leaves, let them go, maybe their time in your life is over, or maybe they do not deserve your attention or compassion. Your life shouldn't stop for someone. Put yourself First.Because it is never too late to pull yourself back on track, to start all over again, to live your life as you want to, on your own terms. 

Take a moment and acknowledge - How far you have come despite everything life threw at you. You're standing up every time, Giving yourself in, Trying your best. Be proud of yourself, of what you became and what more you become.
Keep going, keep growing into the beautiful person you always dreamed of becoming.

Stay True, Stay Positive and don't forget to appreciate and affirm yourself for what you achieved and about to achieve.
Good luck people! 
P.s. Happy Friendship Day🖤


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