Why should you be Appreciative?

 " Our main business is not to see, what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what clearly lies in our hands; Live the very moment you have consume it, be consumed by it, It might never come back!

                                                                                                            - Shruti Bevara


What is Appreciation?

Appreciation; A few words with a lot of positivity, love and recognition. A feeling or an expression of admiration, approval or gratitude, a judgement or an evaluation of something done. In more common words appreciation is a way of giving someone a compliment or showing value with words, on the work done or for the efforts made. We were taught to be Thankful for everything we have. Given the best of lessons, introduced to our culture, traditions, customs, manners of sophistication and above all we were taught to respect each and everyone, to show kindness, compassion, to appreciate or to be grateful for everything we own. Did we stand up to everything we were taught?
Are we grateful for everything we have? 

A human being is just a social animal, who has forgotten the difference between the "NEEDS" and "WANTS". The greed, the hunger for wanting more of something will never end. "Greed is a bottomless pit that drains a person, in an endless effort to satisfy the needs without ever reaching satisfaction." The quote says it all, the need, hunger for more never ceases.


Why you should be Appreciative?

Have you ever taken a moment in your life, folded your hands in prayer and smiled looking up, and said "Thank You" for everything? Being Grateful for everything you have with you, at the very moment. Pause, for a second take a deep breath and take a ride back to the memories that has put a smile on your face, a moment where you should be grateful for the life you have. Put aside all the struggles you've faced, all the anger, remorse and focus on the  best parts of life, watching your parents make all the sacrifices for you to have a comfortable life, spending time with your grandparents, learning from them, for the food you get to have every day, for the roof over your head and the clothes you wear, the courses you pursue, the achievements you make, the constant support of siblings and friends, the list goes on..

Have you been thankful for it? Being grateful or being appreciative does not take anything away from you, nor it hurts your ego or your pride, but it sure does add a smile, a memory and a hope to the person you are appreciating. You need no reason to be kind to someone but you need a reason to hate someone. So, instead of trying to find reasons to hate, or to be negative about something or someone, why not see the good side, the better side of someone, why not take that first step towards kindness, towards humanity!


Being appreciative or being grateful helps an individual to grow and evolve as a "whole" human being. Kindness or humanity is a priceless deed, doing it will cost you nothing, instead it'll be beneficial to you in one way or another. So, here you go, 5 benefits of being Appreciative -
  • Self-Esteem - Being appreciative builds up your self-esteem, makes you become the better positive version of yourself, evolves your personality. 
  • Motivation - Acts as a motivational factor to the person you're appreciating; Say, your employee or your subordinate. Motivation works as an energy and spirit booster. 
  • Compassion - You become more compassionate towards everyone around you, revealing the humanitarian side in you.
  • Positivity - Creating a positive vibe around with appreciation and kindness, is one thing not everyone "wants" to pull off, but could be the best gift a person can give for someone who's struggling with obstacles in life.
  • Peace and Happiness - There is no good way of finding peace and happiness than spreading whatever goodness you have in you. Being the reason behind someone's smile, it's a priceless possession, a priceless moment.

With the life full of struggles and obstacles, stress, dreams, goals, success and failures. It's a never ending cycle, which takes a break, a pause for a few blissful seconds when a person experiences appreciation, joy, peace and happiness. That few seconds of bliss, is what a person lives for, copes up with every situation, that one hope of a "happy day" that everything will be fine.
Appreciation is the first step of loosing/letting go of the negativity inside of you, letting in the positive vibes and letting yourself grow into the whole another person the world loves, making you fall in love with yourself.
Try doing a good deed in your day, help someone in need, plant a belief in someone, love yourself unconditionally, show compassion, thank the lord and your parents for the life you lead, and your dog (if you have one) for expressing unconditional love in their own little way. Because there's always Hope! For everything to be fine again. 
Live every moment, feel every emotion and above all love yourself! 
Let it in, before letting it go;

Until next time, share your love, it grows better when spread around, Stay Positive; Stay Safe!


  1. Really appreciable workπŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. " Our main business is not to see, what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what clearly lies in our hands; Live the very moment you have consume it, be consumed by it, It might never come back!

    Loved this! You've an artistic thoughts and a different style of express. Keep it up. Superb..

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