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What is Attitude?

      One day we will finally learn to love ourselves; And stop apologizing for all the things that makes us, who we are                                                                                                           -Shruti Bevara   What is Attitude? Psychologically, Attitude is an individualistic mental and emotional entity that characterizes a person, a person's nature and behavior. In simple words, Attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about something. It is considered to be the most distinctive mental state involving beliefs, feelings, values, principles and dispositions to act in a certain manner. Since we have considered almost every formal way of defining what an attitude is, time for our little understanding - Instead of focusing on the things that don't matter, get obsessed with who where you're going, and all the amazing sh*t you're going to accomplish;  That's how we see things, how we should be seeing things! A person is consider

Positive Vs Negative : Define Yourself on your terms!

 " Maybe it's not always about trying to fix something broken, Maybe it's about starting over And creating something better"                                                                                                           - Shruti Bevara Positivity is one such term and practice of being positive or being optimistic that differs from an individual to another depending on the perspective an individual has. A human mind is capable of many things, but one of the never-ending process a mind does is Thinking . More accurately known as Over-Thinking , something we all do, don't we? We tend to drown yourselves into the pool of negativity, the one thing that is extremely toxic for you is to willingly dive into the pool or allowing yourself to feel all the negative emotions and even spread it around.   Being kind in this world is something that is not recommended. They say "It's a toxic world" if you want to survive, you have to bend to the rules, be

Why should you be Appreciative?

 " Our main business is not to see, what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what clearly lies in our hands; Live the very moment you have consume it, be consumed by it, It might never come back!                                                                                                             - Shruti Bevara What is Appreciation? Appreciation ; A few words with a lot of positivity , love and recognition . A feeling or an expression of admiration, approval or gratitude, a judgement or an evaluation of something done. In more common words appreciation is a way of giving someone a compliment or showing value with words, on the work done or for the efforts made. We were taught to be Thankful for everything we have. Given the best of lessons, introduced to our culture, traditions, customs, manners of sophistication and above all we were taught to respect each and everyone, to show kindness, compassion, to appreciate or to be grateful for everything we own. Did we stand u

How to put your life together?

Be rebellious, with a cause. Rationalize your thoughts. If you are doing something wrong, Do it the right way! Let the world know you exist.                                                                               -Shruti Bevara Have you ever encountered this feeling- "What kind of a Life am I leading?"  in the middle of the night. Diving (probably drowning) into the pool of thoughts specifically the negative ones, where everything seems dark, like you've been hit with a truck of Reality Checks!   Those Random Unrealistic/Irrational Thoughts that plays with our minds in the middle of the night. I bet it's not a good feeling for anyone, A rush of Self Doubting thoughts hitting our mind constantly, thinking How did my life go that dark in the first place? Sometimes we even do not realize that our actions, the people we surround ourselves with, has a great negative impact on us, leaving a remark which isn't visible yet harmful.  "I have to put my life