What Life is all about?

As the time passes, the white petals will wither away, without the memories that it has become transparent.
                                                                - Diphylleia Grayi, Jonghyun kim (SHinee)


Seasons of life!

Seasons of Life, depicts the phases a person goes through to meet the end. There's birth and there's death as well, as they say - "Every beginning, has an end! And every end is a new beginning"

Just as the change of seasons, every phase, every stage begins and meets it's end. The cycle repeats itself! Every season/phase comes with new challenges and adventures, Hop on and hold on tight for every kind of experience life has to offer.
We live our life sulking in the pool of negativity, denying the fact that there is goodness, there's hope. All we have to do is raise a voice for help. Every season, is a story in itself, every phase of life depicted as a season and we shall complete this cycle of life, by living the story of our life.


Summer! -

The best time of life, stage of adolescence to adulthood, life's a party! The rush of warm blood in veins, hormones running around crazy, adrenaline heightens the mere nature you possess. Everything in life seems perfect, the days where you make a ton of memories, added with heart-breaks and regrets, but hey! Life still goes on right! The road of Summer is the one filled with great adventures, dreams and wishes. One where life is budding, a lot to learn, a lot to experience, the start of the life lessons, and it goes until death welcomes us.
Summer ends with two different paths. One, where a person either thrives with Success, becomes an Achiever, a result of hardship, determination and never-ending hunger to grow in life. Where the other one shows more of a dark side, filled with Anxiety, Stress and Failures, the one where life seems like a black hole, a void feeling, that feels like it might never end.
Summer is about determining what you love, and how to work for it, not slip into the illusions and loose yourself. Choose the right path!


Rain/Rainfall! -

Rain! Signifies chaos and peace, a choice for a person to make on how he/she chooses to see the life around. Let's compare two lives, there's a flower with a scientific name "Diphylleia Grayi" commonly known as the Skeleton Flower because of it's rare chemical composition, the flowers turn into their transparent state when the drops of rain hits their petals. Showing a character of human nature, finding a way to hide from the fall.  When a person goes through tough phase/time of life, the pain, hurt or the fear itself, hits like a truck, causing the person to enter the state of Oblivion, until the dark clouds clear, the oblivious state becomes the comforter, the safe space. The flowers turn back to their original form, to beautiful white petals once the sky brightens with sun shine. So us humans, waits for the phase to end and enter the next stage of life with a hope of sun, to shine after a dark night.


Winter/Snowfall! -

The coldest phase of life, where even life becomes a brutal enemy, surviving this stage is expected but how a person excels such bitter cold state is, by entering the "danger zone" and feeling the warmth behind the absolute zero degrees snowfall. Sounds crazy! Right? But it is the truth, one of the most honest ways of life to teach us Survival, is to throw us in such a situation which seems almost Impossible! is to get through, alive. Probably the best way of introducing us to ourselves, to our strengths, is unleashing our power and potential to fight our own battles, by pushing ourselves into one.


Spring! -

We say our Good-Byes to the Fall and Autumn, as we seek for a new beginning with the end of fall. Spring! of our lives, a new stage, a new set of challenges to face, but as we move forward we take with us the experiences, the strengths discovered and a whole lot of lessons life taught us. There are moments of fear, loss, failure and what not, but there are moments of hope, happiness and success, moments where you found the better version of yourself, where you began to love yourself, and believed in yourself, that there is nothing in this world that you cannot have, if you work for it. That's how you do it!

Just as the seasons, life has its phases, and surviving every one of it, is what is expected, but standing out on the very expectations laid, is to dance to every song life throws, that's how you excel every difficulty and that is exactly how a person wins over his/her life!
Life teaches you everything, from survival to reaching your Mount Everest! You just have to hold tight and let the life take you on an adventurous ride. 
All you have to do is, Never Give Up on life, no matter how hard it gets, and taste every emotion, good bad or worst, every moment,every emotion builds up and defines YOU!

Comment below and let us know your journey! until next time, Stay True folks!
Cheers! To Life❤


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