How to deal with Break Up?

"Sometimes, we feed the Hurt inside us, Like a wild bear on a  chain. Just to see how Angry, we can make it, before letting it go! 
                                                                                                       - Shruti Bevara
Not every love, has a beautiful fairy tale ending, where it is "Happily Ever After". Break-ups is what happens in real life, some are quick, certainly not painless but are quick, with no extra drama! 
Where some leave us, with gut-wrenching pain, where everything seems lost, dark and void, disturbs the balance of mind and body, destabilizing a person from within. We all have faced rejection at some point in life, break-up is one kind of rejection, we all overcome our rejections, but getting over a break-up, certainly over ex, seems to be a difficult task.

Falling in love takes just a second, same as breaking up but the feelings, it takes forever to leave your heart and mind. Love is not always as blissful as it seems to be. There's struggle, sacrifices, adjustments, and unconditional care. Love does not end with one person, it grows when you spread it and share it with the people around you. There are a lot of ways for dealing with break-up, some seek revenge of the pain caused, while some slip into depression, some loose the hope of life and some live like walking dead! Not knowing, the best revenge is to grow, be the best version of yourself, so no-one can ever treat you the same way.


No matter you are a boy or girl, the pain is the same. It doesn't matter what the reason for you to go apart, when it feels over, it is OVER, period. Now comes the tough part, getting over the break up.

Some DON'Ts after break-up -

  • Do not go through the old photographs, old memories if you really want to move forward.
  • Do not search for "love quotes" or "break up quotes" and share them in your stories, just to tell the world it hurts, talk to someone you rely on. 
  • Do not go around bad-mouthing about your ex, it is completely fine if it didn't work out between you guys, have some dignity.
  • Do not listen to the break up or sad songs, and start relating to it, music is meant to be enjoyed, lyrics are meant to understand, not to relate and sulk around.
  • Do not judge the other person, if he/she moved on even before you did, you will move on too, it takes time.
  • Do not slip into depression, loose the balance of mind and body, because none of it will make the other person come back to you.
  • Do not Stress around just because someone can't see the good in you!
  • Do not self-doubt, PERIOD.

How to deal with Break-Up?

From a few thousand ways, let's find the most useful ones, that makes you not to regret any of the decisions made! Love is as blissful as we may see it, everyday is not going to be sunny, there will be chilly cold nights, dry autumn days as well but sticking through the whole seasons with the same person is what love means, depicts the qualities of a healthy relationship, some love stories does not have a happy ending, some end even before it starts. But dealing with pain does not have to be painful as it may seem, it all lies down to the Perspective of a person.

Ways to overcome the pain of break-up -

  • Focus on the opportunity, of grooming and growing yourself.
  • If your toxic relationship ended, do not regret it, instead take it as a closure.
  • Find a thousand ways to love yourself, shift the shower of love more on yourself.
  • Take the liberty to make decisions for yourself, decisions that allow you to grow more.
  • Think of it as a phase of life, a lesson learnt.
  • The best revenge would be, becoming someone your ex didn't expect you to be! Be a success! (a millionaire!)
  • Explore more about yourself, teach yourself, be more mature.
  • Pick up a hobby! Work on it
  • Find your passion, your dream, your love in your dream or work that you do!
  • Change your perspective about life, time heals everything, let it.
  • Invest less time for plotting revenge schemes, and more on how to make goals and achieve it.
Life is a blessing, ending it is no option! Certainly not your choice. Surviving and excelling every situation life throws at you is the only choice a person has. Give yourself time, and work your way up through the pain, it'll only make you stronger. Your only goal in life right now, should be genuinely happy no matter what it takes and no matter how it looks like to others.
Remember, life still goes on, you just grow mature, with time!

Give yourself time to heal and to evolve from the situations laid in the past, Say You!
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  1. Useful tips and i really like it. Whatever is written in your blog is 100% accurate ��

  2. Useful tips and i really like it. Whatever is written in your blog is 100% accurate ��

  3. Useful tips and i really like it. Whatever is written in your blog is 100% accurate ��

  4. Useful tips and i really like it. Whatever is written in your blog is 100% accurate ��

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