Career Vs Job : Follow Your Passion

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs; Ask yourself what makes you come alive. And the go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive"
                                                                                                                 - Howard Thurman


The age of adolescence, the rush of warm blood, is a true challenge in itself, for every young mind out there, a dilemma of what to choose, what risk to take and where to invest the time efforts and energy for the best outcome in life! Yes, we are essentially talking about the Career options. Should I be taking the risk, go out of the line to achieve what I always dreamed of? Or should I stick to the secure plan of getting myself into a corporate job?

 Career Vs Job : Which is What?

Career and job stands for the similar meaning, but both have a huge difference between them. 
Defining both would actually clear a young person's mind about what he/she actually wants to do in life. 

Job -

A paid position of a regular employment; A piece of work or task given as a part of routine work of one's occupation for an agreed price or payment. In other words, a monetary payment, for the services provided. Skills, developed gained expertise an end result of education where the RISK factor is either minimal or zero. 

Career : Passion!

Turning your passion into a full-fledged Career is whole other level. Being a dreamer the world seems like an opportunity a chance to make your dream, passion come alive! But everything you desire for, has a big price to pay. In this case, you pay yourself away to introduce yourself to the world.


Now talking about Passion, we all need to know the difference, the thin line between Interest and Passion, Interest is like a hobby, something you wish to do in your spare time, like playing guitar or reading a novel, or planting saplings. But if you are asked to make a career out of playing guitar, be a guitarist, would you? No because it isn't your Passion, it doesn't make you forget the whole world, most importantly, Doesn't make you see yourself with it in the future. Finding your passion is as important as following your own path, we are told to chase our dreams, while discovering the right one of all the dreams is our job.


Follow Your Own Path!

No matter what obstacles life places in front of you, keep an attitude that says "I'm not going to give up on my dream" It does not matter, what your dream or passion is, if you are sure about it, you get it.
Dreams can be joining the army, serving our country or service in the railways, being your own boss, entrepreneurship, staring your own company. None of these can be "Impossible" if you put your mind to it.
There comes this age factor, family pressure and stress of things not going your way but having patience for it, with determination, can do wonders.
Unemployment is a major cause of why people compromise with their dreams and starts the process of job hunting, visits various job related websites, finds a an unsatisfactory job, works until 60 years and curses their fate for not being favorable! Instead of finding a way that conjoins both the paths job and career. Say, a part time job to support your dream/passion financially, which also satisfies the family because you are not sitting home and being a burden n your family, you're lending a hand.


Turn your Passion into your Career -

 Discovering your passion is an achievement in itself, but when you actually do, Follow this mantra -
                                        "Live, Work and Create" 
Work until you own the world, until it brings you a sense of satisfaction "Yes! I worked my way up, to reach where I am right now and I am proud of myself! I Did It." 
Make it happen, let your work show the capabilities and potential you possess it will take a lot from you, pay a heavy price but at the end it is worth all the pain and efforts made.
Mere thinking won't get you the Success, nor Stressing over it will!  You will have to Begin, and Hustle for it, no rest until you live your dream life. Be your own Boss! Make your own rules, and live by it,
Education is not as important as gaining the knowledge, So Push yourself to your limits, and let the world recognize you for your hardships and your success!
Do what makes you happy, whether it is a 9 to 5 job or being the CEO of your own company, everything you ever need, lies within you. Be your own Definition! 
Signing off! Stay True and Stay Positive!


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