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How to build Confidence?

When doubting yourself, Giving it a second thought, Where your heart says "You'll succeed" Make your mind say : I have to. I left myself no other choice;                                                                                                       - Shruti Bevara What is Confidence?  Certainty is an unattainable state, but Confidence or certainty about self is a power everyone should possess, counting as a strength, a belief that one has the ability to meet the life's challenge and to succeed. Confidence demands a realistic perspective and approach. A state of being clear headed, trusting self before anyone else and most importantly Believing in self no matter what the world say, if you believe in yourself, you can do it! Confidence has 2 dead ends sticking to either side of it proves to be as dangerous as it can be to destroy a person mentally.   Dead Ends : Over-Confidence Low Self Esteem (Commonly known as lack of confidence). What Confidence does to you?

What Life is all about?

As the time passes, the white petals will wither away, without the memories that it has become transparent.                                                                 - Diphylleia Grayi, Jonghyun kim (SHinee) Seasons of life! Seasons of Life, depicts the phases a person goes through to meet the end. There's birth and there's death as well, as they say - "Every beginning, has an end! And every end is a new beginning" Just as the change of seasons, every phase, every stage begins and meets it's end. The cycle repeats itself! Every season/phase comes with new challenges and adventures, Hop on and hold on tight for every kind of experience life has to offer. We live our life sulking in the pool of negativity , denying the fact that there is goodness, there's hope. All we have to do is raise a voice for help. Every season, is a story in itself, every phase of life depicted as a season and we shall complete this  cycle of life , by living the story of our life.

What is Anxiety??

"To hear the phrase "Our only hope" always makes one anxious, because it means if only hope doesn't work, there is nothing left"                                                                                  - Lemony Snicket, The Blank Book With the world we live in, slipping into depression became quite common. Anxiety is one of those mental disorders which is found in almost every age group from the adolescents to the adults, Weird? right. As weird as it may sound it is the face of reality, that we live and lead a life where all that exists is CHAOS and in such chaotic life , we tend to find moments of peace, moments of happiness, moments we remember, as memories. What is Anxiety? Anxiety is an emotion , a negative one, where a person enters and experiences an unpleasant state of inner turmoil , usually involves a nervous behavior, a natural dread over anticipated situations. it can also be defined as the body's natural response action to stress or fea

Career Vs Job : Follow Your Passion

  "Don't ask yourself what the world needs; Ask yourself what makes you come alive. And the go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive"                                                                                                                  - Howard Thurman The age of adolescence, the rush of warm blood, is a true challenge in itself, for every young mind out there, a dilemma of what to choose, what risk to take and where to invest the time efforts and energy for the best outcome in life! Yes, we are essentially talking about the Career options. Should I be taking the risk, go out of the line to achieve what I always dreamed of? Or should I stick to the secure plan of getting myself into a corporate job?  Career Vs Job : Which is What? Career and job stands for the similar meaning, but both have a huge difference between them.  Defining both would actually clear a young person's mind about what he/she actually wants to do in life. 

How to deal with Break Up?

"Sometimes, we feed the Hurt inside us, Like a wild bear on a  chain. Just to see how Angry, we can make it, before letting it go!                                                                                                         - Shruti Bevara     Not every love, has a beautiful fairy tale ending, where it is "Happily Ever After" . Break-ups is what happens in real life, some are quick, certainly not painless but are quick, with no extra drama!  Where some leave us, with gut-wrenching pain, where everything seems lost, dark and void, disturbs the balance of mind and body, destabilizing a person from within. We all have faced rejection at some point in life, break-up is one kind of rejection, we all overcome our rejections, but getting over a break-up, certainly over ex, seems to be a difficult task. Falling in love takes just a second, same as breaking up but the feelings, it takes forever to leave your heart and mind. Love is not always as blissful as it seems