True Definition of Friendship!

"The bravest are those who let their storms rage! and let their suns shine, The luckiest are those who has someone beside, to hold them together, when fallen apart"
                                                                                                        - Anonymous

We enter this world alone, we will leave alone too, but surviving the life in this world ALONE is something we cannot do, not with the absence of someone we seek and call a Friend!
No wonder life becomes easier, with a companion. With someone who can share your pain and your happy moments who knows you better than you yourself!


Let's not deny the fact that at some point of life, while watching FRIENDS series, we imagine to have people like them in our lives, people like Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Monica, Joey, Chandler. Who is a die hard fan of FRIENDS? (Comment below!)
A friendship with no boundaries, no judgements a great bonding of love and care, lots of sarcasm added, and endless coffee parades in Central Perk! 
While some are the Blessed Souls, some seem to have toxic friendship and relationship which makes it impossible for a person to grow, individually.


How many of us can say they are still in touch with their childhood friends? A pure bond shared, being kids, with zero toxicity and nothing but innocence, it fades away with the time, we grow up to be different versions of ourselves, the innocence fades, so does the friendship. Ever thought why? What caused you to drive away from such a pure bond? No perfect explanation for such questions, because we let the people slip through our hands, and ask for someone to be as good as a true friend to us. 
Why don't we start from, becoming that "True friend" people seek for? 
Being optimistic, becoming a helping hand for someone in need, wouldn't it reduce the rates of suicides? Bottled up emotions, not being able to find one person whom a person can rely on, speak out, finding a solution to the problems faced, isn't that all a person seeks for, in a friend. Someone who can not only hear, but listen to the cry of help!
"Everyone around you will say it's a Dark world, until you become the Light"
Why not be the light, the ray of hope, a person tries to find when surrounded with darkness, why not become a Friend to someone, and save that person from being consumed in his/her own darkness! 

"Be the change you want to see in the world!" quoted by Mahatma Gandhi, Guess it's time to change;

Who is a True Friend?

A definition of Friendship is very versatile in nature. Every person defines friendship in their own manner, and there are a lot of versions of friendship, defined and undefined ones.
A friend means the one who shares your happiest moments, dreams and achievements, your Success too, but a True Friend is one -
  • One who not only shares your success, but the journey, from being a Dreamer to an Achiever.
  • Who is your Support System, backbone to you, who knows what's best for you.
  • One who either keeps you away from the trouble, or who is in it with you.
  • Who knows everything about you, all your secrets and who intends to keep it as secret.
  • One who is either a Stress reliever or "Let's face it together" friend.
  • Who figures out your mental state or Mental Health, with just a "Hi" from you, hiding anything from your friend is probably not an option.
  • One who makes sure you are in a Healthy Relationship not into entering into a pool of emotional drama. 
  • Who keeps you away from leading a Toxic life! encourages you to Live a Little, in the chaos of life.

A friend is someone who is equal to a family, works completely as a relationship, based on Trust, Selfless and Unconditional Love, one person you can trust with yourself, with your secrets, with your cranky behaviour and worst moods, someone who knows all your flaws yet, loves you unconditionally, Yet there is toxicity in friendship too, where everything said above, flips upside-down, proves to be wrong, becomes one of the reasons for hatred.
All friendships are not the same, pure and blissful, some are intoxicating and selfish maybe worse too!

Signs of Toxic Friendship -

Selfishness. A True friendship is affected, takes a wrong path when one of the two people starts to show signs of selfishness in their bond.
Jealousy. Friendship ceases to exist if one person is jealous, or envious with the other's growth or achievements.
Loyalty. When there's a question arising in the mind, about a certain person's loyalty or trust, think twice before you speak out anything about you.
Judgement. There is no judgement or criticism in friendship, there's support and motivation.

But a very essential element of any relationship, Trust! if someone manages to break it, never give that person a privilege to break it again! or to be a part of your life anymore. From the ages of 13-26 most people of our lives will be temporary, meaning you either find the right person for you or you learn to estimate, who deserves your time and attention and who does not! Either way you win, because life never stops teaching you, and there is never enough life lessons for you to learn.

A friend is just someone you can rely on, who becomes a part of your life and adds beautiful memories, who gives you tough love when needed, pushes you to your limits, who is more proud of your achievements. 

Find that friend in your significant other or your siblings or parents or maybe a random person, explore the endless cycle of life with them, Be a blessing to someone's life! Make them believe, there's still goodness left in this world, to share!
Choose your friends wisely, be mature enough to read someone's intentions Stay away from the toxic friendships and toxic life, Be Optimistic! Stay You!

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