Signs of a Toxic Life!

"You're given a life, a Blessing, Each day passing by, shall remind you, the faults and flaws you have! Shall remind you not to make the same mistake again. Learning from the mistakes and starting to love your flaws! That is all life is about;"                               
                                                                                                                                                               - Shruti Bevara

Life of a new-born, blessed with the purity of nature, an absolute bliss! There's peace and a sense of positivity in them, something, none of us (adults) have, in our "limited" lives. As we grow older with every passing second life teaches us survival lessons. Life is a race, an endless competition either with someone whom we think is better, or with us, trying to get better at what we are, trying to win it, we forget that life is meant to be lived, to the fullest possible!

Toxicity comes not only from a certain relationship, but from yourself, Surprisingly! we tend to attract the negativity faster than absorbing the positive around us, the Stress, Anxiety and Depression, causes Insomnia in other words the never-ending cycle of thoughts, that consumes the mind, into a dark state, where the mere willingness to live, dies.

Dealing with such mental issues often makes you loose yourself, pushes into the dark pit, where there's no light to be found, negativity attracts negativity.
Eliminating the negative people, those who brings you down, surround yourself with someone with same intellect or more
Pay gratitude, be thankful for everything you have in the moment, Control your thoughts and thought processes, fill it with the positive energy.
Relive the same moments again and again, that makes you feel alive, Create new ones!

The rule is, to never give into the situations, no matter how good or bad it can be, to never let it consume you, to find the light within you and hold on to it, Take a stand for yourself, make a balance of mind and body, find the peace in your chaotic life.
Enjoy the littlest moments tuck them in, deep inside your heart, the moments of pure bliss, make it a memory, to rewind back at life when it gets out of control and all you can see is darkness, those memories will be the ray of hope.

Remember, there is no giving up, nor giving in, facing it and overcoming it is the only choice you have. Stressing over things you have no control over brings in misery. Life is as simple or as complicated as you see and make it.
The choice is always yours!

Make a wise one. You've got only one life, learn from it and live in it.


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