Signs of a Healthy and Strong Relationship!

"When someone cares for you deeply, Always remember! You are holding two hearts instead of one"
                                                                                                                                 - Shruti Bevara

We all have been through break-ups! some bad and some are the worst possible ones, but we never think about the reason behind such a failed relationship, we tend to blame the other person or just create lame excuses to escape the situation.
Harsh! Isn't it? Done by many but said by none.

Have you ever wondered, what affected the relationship in the first place? Was it necessary to end everything? Only if it were a healthy relationship there would be rather less chances of a heart break or an abrupt end. Most of the times, one fails to acknowledge the signs, the red flags in a relationships that shouts out loud "Toxicity" leads it until it ruins one, from within.

Now a Healthy relationship does not mean similar mind-sets or similar perspectives and actions or someone with same goals! It's about the Commitment and the Adjustments made for the loved ones.
Some relationships have an illusion of being Strong and Healthy, just like people their relationships should be pure and healthy. Don't you think?

Signs of a Healthy Relationship, here we go!Go ahead! check for these signs in your relationship and for those newbies in a relationship, look for these signs -
  • There's no place for insecurities, a healthy relationship eliminates the all the doubts and insecurities the arises for the significant other.

  • Trust plays the most important role in a relationship, with no trust in the significant other, one cannot initiate or resume the relationship as it may arise a lot of complications.
  • One of the signs of being in a healthy relationship is understanding between you and your partner, the strength of the bond you share, how pure it is or it can be, counts.
  • There's care and there is possessiveness, a thin invisible line, the differs the two terms, the couple who understands the mere difference, sticks together for long.
  • Freedom of choice, Your relationship is a healthy one if and only if you respect your partner's choices and give him/her enough freedom of making decisions of their own as an individual.
  • Your significant other is your support system. He/She knows you better your strengths and weaknesses and push you to the limits, motivates you to be the best version of yourself.
There you go! Some of the main elements of a healthy, beautiful relationship a person can have with their loved ones.
The love you share with your significant other is pure and precious, its a blank canvas, all set to be turned into a beautiful painting, All you have to do is choose the right colors!

Cheers! to all those in love, fall in love over and over again, every day, every second of the day, with the same person.


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