Qualities of a Healthy Relationship

"Love, a sweet pain, hell sometimes and a heaven too, but it is one of the reasons that makes, one want to live an eternity! FOREVER;                                                                    - Shruti Bevara

Everything starts with the term "LOVE", every human being is born, is an outcome of the love made by two people, Sounds ridiculous! right, Yet it is the truth.
Love grows when it is being spread around, shared with the close ones.
Love is pure when it is unconditional and selfless like the one a mother gives to her unborn child. Such purity is hard to find with the grown-ups, but if you are lucky you will be blessed with someone who'll love you with the same love and care just as a mother to her child.

Now, everyone has their own definitions about love how it works and ruins lives as well as mends a broken heart, we all speak from the experiences we have.
We blame the mere concept of love, when it's a person who is responsible for the pain and hurt we feel, Ironic isn't it?

Love, Relationship, works when there are no expectations , no conditions and absolutely no insecurities, between the couple, but there is an absolute amount of trust (does not mean blind trust) a hell lot of understanding and an endless ocean of love to dive into!
There will be a lot of ups-downs, Hell! It will be one good roller-coaster ride, a lot of excitement, fear of loosing, pain, emotions and words describing how deserving you are, of everything you have at the moment.

It's the smallest efforts that counts, someone who accepts you, with your demon like flaws, who cares for you like you are his/her own, who wishes to see the world with you, walk with you, understands you, for whatever you are.
A relationship takes a lot of efforts, from the urge of being together to making all the adjustments needed just to be with each other, until the last breath.
 The desire, the dream of being together, makes you go rebellious on the world, but before you do that, Ask yourself - "Is this worth the rebel?"
Because, sometimes we make all the efforts, pour ourselves out, for the wrong person and curse the "love" for being the reason for unbearable pain!

Only after experiencing the excruciating pain of a heart-break, one actually learns how to love and how to be loved, from the right person.

This blog is the first part of the series called "Love-Hate Relationship" where we will share the experiences and how to handle and maintain a relationship.

Stay tuned! Keep reading! and Keep spreading the love.
To all those in love and about to fall in love! Good luck guys;


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