Live a Little!

"Keep your feet on the ground, know your origins, your roots, and grow till you reach the sky";
                                                                                                                      - Shruti Bevara

One of the secrets of staying successful is to know your roots, the ground you stand on, and How you worked your way up, to reach wherever you are right now.

When you dream, Dream big, it may take everything you have, but your investment will have a great return too. Take small steps, one at a time, to reach the destination, make all the necessary adjustments, sacrifices and learn to enjoy the smallest accomplishments you make along the way.
Sometimes we forget to live the present moment of our lives, because we are too busy making a better future for ourselves.

Allow yourself to take a moment from all the rush and savor every element the present offers, the joy pain and every emotion, feel it, live it. Everything you do to keep yourself sane counts as a step to be successful in your life.
Learn to enjoy the very minimum life provides you with, the unreasonable laughter, the time spent with family and friends, experiencing the unconditional shower of love by your pet, enjoying a good meal! Being grateful for everything you have right at the moment.
Indulge! in the goodness of life, as these moments are just a one time thing, won't last forever.

Chasing your dreams are necessary for it to come true, but loosing your "moments" for it is a choice.
Maintaining the success, is reliving it, keeping the feet to the ground, and reaching the sky! as high as possible.
Experience everything and keep no regrets for the future, take those risks, live those moments, because at the end of the day, it'll all be just a part of life that we lead!
Our origins, roots are what defines us, yet our moments and memories defines the lives we led.

Cheers! To those who are successful and to those who will be!


  1. "May your creativity shine bright in the days to come."

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