Dreamer and Achiever

"Only when you believe in yourself, and you are willing to give whatever it takes,
To pour life into your dreams, nothing will stop you, from becoming what you are aspiring to be;"

                                                                                            - Shruti Bevara

When we talk about life, we are always certain that it brings unpleasant surprises along the way.
Life's never fair, some say, but all of us speaks out of the experiences we have, While most of us have no choice but to accept whatever life throws at us, some of us creates a choice if not given one.

The dreams are merely just dreams we see when we sleep, if not seen with passion, a dream is just a dream if it doesn't wake you in the middle of the night, worse, not letting you sleep.
We see millions of dreams in our sleep over the course of life, but some of them, they are stuck with us, strikes our heart, inspires us, guides us to achieve it.

As easy as we dream, be it at night or daydreams, to witness it take a form of life, it takes everything.
Every achiever has a story behind, the one where there's a lot of unsaid struggle, failure, criticism and judgement from the world. Whilst everything goes against the dreamer, one thing that keeps him\her going, from not giving up yet, is the hope that there will be a day, when he\she will be called an Achiever, instead of just a dreamer.

It's a journey, a voyage a sail to reach to the other end of the sea, to get ashore. But to reach the other end, to cross the whole damn sea, you need a lot of -
Determination, Courage, vision, a strategy and a whole lot of hard-work and a mind that never gives up!
Pick up any successful person's story, one common thing would be, the hardship, they go through, turns their life upside down, make necessary sacrifices just to reach the sky!

Though it isn't an easy task to reach the sky limits, but the word impossible itself says i'm possible.
Everything is possible, when you put your mind to it, the difference is some things are a bit easier to achieve than the others. The struggle is the same!

There's the destiny and there's a path to reach it, obstacles will be met on the way the world will put everything in it's power to stop you, a lot of disappointments, failures, falling off the path as well sometimes, you'll be distracted too, but the willingness to reach the other end saves you from the obstacles you face.
Agreed! you'll be wounded in the whole journey, but that shouldn't stop you, struggles only makes you Stronger the scars from the wounds, are a reminder that you are a fighter, who when falls stands up again;

One cannot simply explain the rush of adrenaline in the whole body, the Feeling of cold feet, "butterflies in the stomach" wanting to scream at the top of the lungs, "I Did It". 

All the pain, the struggle failures self-doubt, pity, everything ceases to exist the very moment, all that remains is you and the new born achievement of yours, something you can call a result of your hardships.

This would be the exact moment where you have successfully poured life into your dream!

Cheers! To all those who dream, and who seek to achieve the same;


  1. Excellent enough to boost self confidence

  2. Excellent enough to boost self confidence

  3. Wonderful, keep it up.
    (R. Tej Vipul )

  4. Excellent nicely written and explained

  5. Nicely explained
    Try not to stop or break your journey in this area of interest
    God bless you Shruti

  6. Motivating article. Very well articulated.

  7. I Love The Way You Write Mam...
    Best Of Luck For Your Future Journey of Success ๐Ÿ’

  8. Grt
    The way u r playing wid words
    Keep it up ๐Ÿ‘

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