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Signs of a Toxic Life!

" You're given a life, a Blessing, Each day passing by, shall remind you, the faults and flaws you have! Shall remind you not to make the same mistake again. Learning from the mistakes and starting to love your flaws! That is all life is about;"                                                                                                                                                                                               - Shruti Bevara Life of a new-born, blessed with the purity of nature, an absolute bliss! There's peace and a sense of positivity in them, something, none of us (adults) have, in our "limited" lives. As we grow older with every passing second life teaches us survival lessons . Life is a race, an endless competition either with someone whom we think is better, or with us, trying to get better at what we are, trying to win it, we forget that life is meant to be lived, to the fullest possible! Toxicity comes not only fr

Signs of a Healthy and Strong Relationship!

"When someone cares for you deeply, Always remember! You are holding two hearts instead of one"                                                                                                                                  - Shruti Bevara We all have been through break-ups! some bad and some are the worst possible ones, but we never think about the reason behind such a failed relationship , we tend to blame the other person or just create lame excuses to escape the situation. Harsh! Isn't it? Done by many but said by none. Have you ever wondered, what affected the relationship in the first place? Was it necessary to end everything? Only if it were a healthy relationship there would be rather less chances of a heart break or an abrupt end. Most of the times, one fails to acknowledge the signs, the red flags in a relationships that shouts out loud "Toxicity" leads it until it ruins one, from within. Now a Healthy relationship does not mean sim

Qualities of a Healthy Relationship

"Love, a sweet pain, hell sometimes and a heaven too, but it is one of the reasons that makes, one want to live an eternity! FOREVER;                                                                    - Shruti Bevara Everything starts with the term "LOVE", every human being is born, is an outcome of the love made by two people, Sounds ridiculous! right, Yet it is the truth. Love grows when it is being spread around, shared with the close ones. Love is pure when it is unconditional and selfless like the one a mother gives to her unborn child. Such purity is hard to find with the grown-ups, but if you are lucky you will be blessed with someone who'll love you with the same love and care just as a mother to her child. Now, everyone has their own definitions about love how it works and ruins lives as well as mends a broken heart, we all speak from the experiences we have. We blame the mere concept of love, when it's a person who is responsible fo

Live a Little!

"Keep your feet on the ground, know your origins, your roots, and grow till you reach the sky";                                                                                                                       - Shruti Bevara One of the secrets of  staying successful  is to know your roots, the ground you stand on, and How you worked your way up, to reach wherever you are right now. When you dream, Dream big , it may take everything you have, but your investment will have a great return too. Take small steps, one at a time, to reach the destination , make all the necessary adjustments, sacrifices and learn to enjoy the smallest accomplishments you make along the way. Sometimes we forget to live the present moment of our lives, because we are too busy making a better future for ourselves. Allow yourself to take a moment from all the rush and savor every element the present offers, the joy pain and every emotion, feel it, live it. Everything you

Dreamer and Achiever

"Only when you believe in yourself, and you are willing to give whatever it takes, To pour life into your dreams, nothing will stop you, from becoming what you are aspiring to be;"                                                                                             - Shruti Bevara W hen we talk about life, we are always certain that it brings unpleasant surprises along the way. Life's never fair, some say, but all of us speaks out of the experiences  we have, While most of us have no choice but to accept whatever life throws at us, some of us creates a choice  if not given one. T he dreams are merely just dreams we see when we sleep, if not seen with passion, a dream is just a dream if it doesn't wake you in the middle of the night, worse, not letting you sleep. We see millions of dreams in our sleep over the course of life, but some of them, they are stuck with us, strikes our heart, inspires us, guides us to achieve it. As easy as we dream, be